Monday, October 31, 2005

Transportation: Free Shuttle To Strip

A free shuttle operates between Orleans,Gold Coast,Sun Coast to the Barbary Coast on the middle of the strip. You don't have to be a guest of one of these properties but its a good way to get to the strip for free if you are staying at one of these properties. The shuttle runs often and if you are staying at the Rio or The Palms its easy to pick up the shuttle next door at the Gold Coast and take it to Barbary Coast on the strip. By doing this you save on cab fare and walking from the Rio or Palms to the strip even though its not that far you have to walk across two freeway onramp entrances which is not the safest thing to do. Also before you get on the shuttle check the sign on the front to make sure its going the right direction.

Editors Notes

First of all I want to thank you for your support of this site I hope my information will make your next trip to Las Vegas even better. As you can see from the last post I added a picture, I had debated if I should do this for a while but I finally decided if I use the pictures sparingly it will add to the site. Thanks for all the people subscribing to this blog via the RSS feed and im glad you enjoy the content. If you have any questions or don't want to leave a comment on the site you can contact me at . If you can click an ad when you visit a site it will help me make money for my next Las Vegas trip, thank you.

Horseshoe Sign Now Gone

This is a photo i took earlier this year of one end of what was then Binions Horseshoe. When Harrahs resold the casino they took the Horseshoe name with them as well as the World Series Of Poker which had always been held here. Because Harrahs took the name the signature Horseshoe signage was removed and now in this spot the is just a big space showing brick where the sign used to be. The casino now called just Binions is now rumored to be in trouble financially if that is true it would explain why they haven't fixed the signage.

Block Party Next To Flamingo On Nov 5th

The Flamingo and Harrahs are going to hold a block party on November 5th between the Flamingo and O' Shea's. The event in celebration of the Pro Bull Riders World Finals taking place at the Thomas & Mack Convention Center will go on from noon to 4pm. During that time you will be able to meet riders from the PBR Tour and be able to listen to live music and have drinks and eat BBQ food. The event is free and there is also going to be a mechanical bull to ride if you are crazy enough.

Las Vegas Trivia: Vegas Tv Show

The popular 70's television show "Vegas" was filmed at the Desert Inn which is where the new Wynn Las Vegas stands now.

Discount Same Day Show Tickets

If you plan to see a show in Las Vegas at good place to start is at one of the many discount show ticket booths springing up on the strip. Most of these places open at noon and sell tickets for that nights shows at usually up to half off. The availability of shows varies everyday. Usually you won't find tickets for the hottest shows but you will find a large selection. They usually have a scrolling board that has tickets available and the price per ticket. The best thing is to bring one of the free show guides with you to look up the shows. These ticket locations are located up and down the strip. If you are looking for a particular show try these ticket booths as well as the hotel box office where the show is playing. One tip is to avoid the ticket booths set up in hotel lobbies or shopping areas because these places tack on a service charge on the price of the ticket.

Discount Ticket Locations:
*Next to Harley Davidson Cafe
*Fashion Show Mall Strip Entrance
*oppersite Stardust Hotel
*Next to Coke Cola & M&M store

Most of the free show magazines available in hotel lobbies also have discount coupons which you can use at hotel box offices

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Check In For MGM Grand At Airport

If you are staying at the MGM Grand you can now check in to the hotel right at Mc Carran Airport which is a good thing because lines at the MGM Grand can get long at check in time. The check in desk is in the south baggage claim area across from carousels 1 and 2 across from the esculators. Hotel guests can check in to the hotel and buy show tickets while they wait for there luggage. The check in is open from 9am to 11pm daily.

Tennis In Las Vegas Where To Play

If you want to play a game of tennis while you are on vacation there are many places in town you can play but remember some hotel-casino courts are only open to guests of that hotel so check with the hotel first.
*Alexis Park (702)796-3300 2 lighted courts 6am to 8pm
*Ballys (702)967-4598 10 courts and 6 are lighted 8am to 5pm
*YMCA (702)877-9622 5 lighted courts till 10pm $3 to play
*Flamingo (702)733-3344 4 lighted courts 7am to 8pm
*Plaza (702)386-2110 3 lighted courts 8am to 6pm
*Las Vegas Hilton (702)732-5111 6 courts and 4 are lighted 6:30am to 10pm
*MGM Grand courts coming soon
*Monte Carlo (702)730-7777 4 lighted courts 6am to 8pm
*Riveria (702)794-9945 2 lighted courts 7am to 8pm
*UNLV (702)895-4489 12 lighted courts 9am to 8pm

Attraction Review: Guinness World Of Records

The Guinness World Of Records Museum is located on the north end of the strip just past Circus Circus. The museum basically has exhibits from the best selling books of the same name. It showcase weird things and things people do to get in the book. One such exhibit is Louise the Magnet Lady with her large Guinness record collection of magnets. The museum is weird but worth a visit and admission is cheap only $6.50 last time i checked. (702) 792-0640 and is open daily from 9am to 6pm.

Friday, October 28, 2005

Stratosphere Opens Poker Room

With the huge interest in poker at moment it seems ever casino-hotel in town is openning a new poker room. The latest is the Stratosphere on the north end of the strip which has opened one next to their race and sports book. They offer Texas Hold' Em, Omaha and 7 Card Stud in limit and no limit games. They also are offering No Limit Texas Hold' Em tournaments on Monday to Friday at 9am and 8pm.

Live At The MGM Grand

Now if you real want to be close to the action in Las Vegas you can buy a condo in a tower behind the MGM Grand. The condo prices start at $590,000 and go up to $2,600,000 but if you want to live steps from the action it costs. If you are interested click on the link and after you move in invite me over so i can sleep for free in Las Vegas hey its worth a try.
MGM Residences LInk

Gift Shop Alternative For Film Developing

Getting your film developed through your hotel or hotel gift shop can be expensive one cheaper alternative is Walgreens they have 2 locations on the strip near the hotels and one downtown on one end of Fremont Street. They all develop 24 exposure film in one hour for $6.99 which is a good deal.
** 3025 Las Vegas Blvd South (702) 836-0818
** 1101 Las Vegas Blvd South (702) 471-6840
** 495 Fremont Street #179 (702) 385-1053

Neil Diamond Tribute At Riviera

At the Riviera on the strip is a Neil Diamond impersonater named Jay White. The show is getting good reviews and even Neil Diamond has said Jay is his best impersonator The show runs from Sunday to Thursday at 7pm with tickets going for $49.95 plus tax and fees or $10 more for VIP seating. To me Neil Diamond music is okay but i couldn't see spending $50 to see the real Neil Diamond but if you are a fan it may be worth a visit.

Ride Review: Manhattan Express At NY NY

The Manhattan Express roller coaster at New York, New York runs along the front of the strip the facade and around the resorts perimeter. The fact that this runs through the facade of the hotel is lots better than the fake roller coaster at the soon to be closed Boardwalk. Okay first off i must say that im not a big roller coaster fan but this one is very good but the rides a little on the rough side. Its open from 10:30 am to midnight daily and admission is $12.50 which is expensive for one ride although that doesn't seem to stop the lines for it. Rerides are $6 and if you are crazy and want an all day sceam pass it is $25. (702) 740-6969

Transportation: Free Shuttle To Sams Town

Sam Towns a off strip casino and hotel runs a free bus to take you there. The bus runs fairly often and picks up and drops off at the following locations:
Strip - Stardust
San Remo (soon Hooters)
Bourbon Street
Downtown - California
On the signs at the stop it says you need a room key to ride the shuttle but it doesn't give any more information, its probally any room key because they don't want locals riding the shuttle but you may want to check with them first.
Some of my friends love Sams Town but to me if im staying downtown or on the strip there isn't really a big enough reason to go off the strip to another casino.

Free Attraction: CBS Televison City

The CBS Television City Research Center is a free but strange attraction located inside the MGM Grand. They showcase CBS shows as well as shows from the Viacom networks like MTV: You get to see shows pilots and other stuff before its been aired and then you complete a touch screen survey about what you have just seen. You are also invited to join the entertainment panel and complete online surveys from home. To me this is weird going all the way to Las Vegas and then sitting in front of a television so they get information on what shows you like and don't like. You could end up sitting and watching a show like Survivor or CSI or you could be forced to watch a really terrible pilot show. This doesn't sound fun to me but if it does to you screenings begin at 10am to usually around 9pm. A note some of the shows may not be suitable for children. I have posted a link following this article for more information.
MGM Link

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Las Vegas Trivia: 177K Hotel-Casino Jobs

In Clark County where Las Vegas is situated there are now 177,400 people working for the hotel-casino's and with bigger resorts on the way that number should rise.

Free Attraction: Wildlife Habitat At Flamingo

The Flamingo which is on the center strip in Las Vegas has a very nice free attraction. The Flamingo was also known for having a good pool but now it also has a wildlife habitat. The habitat has Flamingo's of course but it also has African Penguins, Mute and Black Nosed Swans as well as a African Crane, Water Turtles, Mallard Ducks and Hummingbirds. Its kind of a little exotic oasis on the strip and worth a visit and is located at the back of the hotel near the monorail station. The attraction is open daily 24 hours a day.
(702) 733-3333
Flamingo Link

I Think The Casino Cheated Me

Okay i had a couple of people ask if some of the games in Las Vegas are rigged. The answer is a no definitely not. All games are regulated by the gaming board and if they did cheat they would lose their gaming license which is worth far too much money. Also they have no need to cheat the games are set up so the odds are in the houses favor. The players odds are better at some games like blackjack or craps and much worse on others such as keno or big spin for example. Even a bet on say red on roulette isn't a 50% chance of winning because most wheels have 0 and 00 which are green which lowers your odds. The casinos keep a certain percentage of all money because of the way the games are set up. Steve Wynn recently said on CNBC that his casinos percentage of what is bet is roughly 20 percent and his job is to just get more people through the door. When you gamble it should be fun the games are fair but it is a gamble sometimes you win sometimes you lose but have fun.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Online Yellow Pages For Las Vegas

Here is a link for an online yellow pages where you can get information on businesses in Las Vegas.
Yellow Pages Link

Shopping Guide: World's Largest Gift Shop

Bonanza which bills itself as the World's Largest Gift Shop is located across the street from the Sahara on the north end of the strip. If its the world's largest gift shop or not i don't know but it is the biggest in Las Vegas. Its basically a whole strip mall which is one L shaped gift store. They carry everything the other smaller stores carry and then some things they don't. The prices are better than the hotel gift stores and seem about the same as the small gift stores although with a better selection. Because of its location near the Sahara and the monorail it makes it an easy place to visit and is open daily to midnight.

Gourmet Rooms Are They Worth It?

A lot of the hotel-casinos especially on the strip have something called a gourmet room. This is basically a fancy restaurant where most often the meal has many courses and very good service. The food is usually of the highest quality and mostly very good. One thing that comes with this is high prices and when i say high i mean really high. Basically most hotels use these rooms to comp there high end players and anybody else that is willing to pay these prices all the better for them. Generally i skip these rooms because of the price to me it seems a waste just for a meal i would rather use the money for several meals at Mesa Grill in Ceasars Palace instead for example. I do have two exceptions there is two gourmet rooms i would go to one is the Micheal's in the Barbary Coast and the other is Hugo's Cellar which is downtown in the Four Queens.

Chicago Brewing Company At Four Queens

The Chicago Brewing Company is a small brew pub located in the Four Queens downtown. It is in one corner over the casino next to Magnolia's Veranda which is a good coffee shop. The brew pub is a liitle on the small side but its quiet and the service is real friendly. They have the usual good micro brews as well as sample trays where you can taste their many types of beer on tap. Apart from the good beer they also have a very good appetizer and personal pizza selection. The chicken wings and quesadillas are good but the Maryland style crab cakes are really good and worth a try. If you are downtown and want to take a break, you couldn't go wrong by having a micro brew and a good appetizer and resting here. Open for lunch and dinner from 11:30am to 1:30am daily.

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: $6 Steak & Eggs At Flamingo

The Flamingo on the center strip has a good steak and eggs deal in their coffee shop Lindys from 11pm to 7am for a price of $5.95. If you are out late night in this area go here instead of the bad buffet at the Boardwalk. I have included a link to their website.
Flamingo Link
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Free Show: Lion Habitat At MGM Grand

The Lion Habitat at MGM Grand is a room surrounded by thirty five foot tall glass panels. Inside the room the Lions sleep eat or play on the ground or above the people on walkways. The habitat has four waterfalls and a pond surrounded by Acacia trees. It isn't much different than what you might see at a zoo but its nice to see and it fits in to the MGM lion theme and also its free. Next to the exhibit is a shop selling lion stuff and cuddly toys. The crowds can get big at times especially at 9am or 10am when it opens but its open to 10pm so you might want to visit it at an off peak time. The phone number for information is (702) 891-7777 and i have included a link to the MGM Grand website for more information.
MGM Grand Link
**Updated Information**

Free Attraction: ESPN Zone Art Collection

Okay the ESPN Zone in the New York New York and art sounds a weird mix i agree. If you haven't been to an ESPN Zone which is named after the cable sport network it is basically a fancy sports bar with lots of televisions showing sports and a pretty large arcade area. The food is actually very good and its a nice place to hang out. Okay back to the art which is sports themed of course and located throughout the ESPN Zone restaurant. They have many displays some of the notable are on Evil Knievel and a statue of Los Angeles Golden Boy Oscar Del La Hoya as well as a neon framed Las Vegas resident Andre Agassi. The museum is open the same hours as the restaurants which vary although usually up to at least 12:30 am. (702)933-3776

Hooters Casino Hotel Taking Reservations

Okay the moment you have all been waiting for Hooters Casino-Hotel (formally the San Remo) is taking reservations. Okay maybe its not the moment you have all been waiting for but the first room, reservations right now are for February 13th 2006 if you are interested. Also they have a blog to keep the interested updated on happenings, clink on the link at the end of this story to get to the blog.
Hooters Blog Link

Monday, October 24, 2005

Two Restaurants In Wynn Rated Best

Esquire Magazine has rated two of the restaurants in Wynn Las Vegas as two of the twenty best new restaurants in the United States. The restaurants are Alex and Bartolotta.

Castaways To Be Imploded

The Boardwalk will not be imploded but it looks like the Castaways formally called the Showboat will be; If permits are approved by the city it could happen in January of 2006. The Castaways had good food specials and the staff were friendly so it was sad to see it close.

Las Vegas Trivia: Lots Of Taxis In Las Vegas

In Las Vegas there are 1,000 taxis and 330 limos and 32 bus routes in the city. My question is with 1,000 taxis in town how come at 9 am i have had to wait nearly an hour for a taxis at the Rio, okay i got it off my chest.

Coast Casinos Room Rates From $29 A Night

Coast Casinos which includes the Barbary Coast on center strip and two off strip locations the Gold Coast and The Orleans is running specials for cheap room rates for November and December. On select days they are as follows $29 a night for the Gold Coast and $39 a night for the Barbary Coast and $49 a night for The Orleans. These are really good prices the Barbary Coast price seems especially good because of its location center strip. The Gold Coast and The Orleans have more thinks for the guest but they are off strip but there is a free shutttle thats runs between them and the Barbary Coast. I have stayed in The Orleans and the rooms are very large and probally some of the best value rooms in Las Vegas. Click on the link in the sidebar or after this for more information.
Coast Casinos Link

Atraction Review: Madame Tussauds

Madame Tussauds is the famous wax museum located at the Venetian. As you ride up the moving walkways from the strip the entrance is on your right hand side. Inside the museum are wax figures of famous people and celebritys. The figures are pretty realistic and its pretty good attraction and probally a good place to take kids. Quite often there is someone standing outside so if you look at the price on the board and then turn to leave they will offer you a discount to get in. Also check the show magazines because most of the time they have $5 off coupons. I went to the original Madame Tussauds on Baker St in London when i was a kid, that one has the goulish Chamber Of Horrors this one doesn't but its still worth a visit. If you want to save $4 off per person right now, i have a link for a coupon you can print out and take with you its at the end of this post. Hours are daily from 10am to 10pm and for more information call (702) 862-7800
Madame Tussauds Link
**Updated Info**

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Las Vegas Trivia: Hacienda

The Hacienda was a hotel-casino on the south end of the strip and openning in 1956 and became very poplar. It became known for its friendly service and old Las Vegas charm. Once the new mega resorts started springing up north of it on the strip it couldn't compete and huge crowds watched it be imploded in 1997 to be replaced by the Mandalay Bay. I must admit i didn't visit the Hacienda much because at the time between the Tropicana and Hacienda was a big section of desert in between. When i visited the casino was always filled with older people.

Coast Casinos Offer 2x Points On Halloween

Coast Casinos which includes the Barbary Coast, Gold Coast, The Orleans and Suncoast are offering double points on slot club play on Halloween October 31st. You just have to be a member of the slot club and have the card inserted in the machines at the casinos to get double points which is a good deal.
Coast Casinos Link

The 9lb Burger Now On Sale Downtown

Okay you did not read the heading wrong its not a typo the Las Vegas Club in downtown Las Vegas on Fremont Street is selling a 9lb burger for $49.99. The Upper Deck Restaurant which is the Las Vegas Club's coffee shop sells it and if one person finishes the burger in 24 hours its free. Its called the Big Daddy Barrick Burger and it has a 12" diameter bun, a half head of lettuce, two tomatoes, two onions, four pickles, mayo and mustard with 12 slices of American cheese. I think i will pass on this one i don't know if saving the $49.99 by eating this in 24 hours would cover my medical bills.

Boardwalk Not To Be Imploded

MGM Mirage has announced that they will not implode the Boardwalk after it closes on January 9th, they instead will demolish it piece by piece. For me thats a shame i would have loved to see that annoying clown head blown up with the fake roller coaster which goes through the sign. Okay maybe thats just me because im anti clown and don't like fake rides that you cannot ride put in a hotel facade.

Cirque Du Soleil Beatles Show To Open In 2006

Yes the title is real Cirque Du Soleil plans to open a new show with Beatles music at the new in the round theater at the Mirage. First the Mirage had white tigers and dolphins and now they will have half naked french men in weird positions performing to Yellow Submarine only in Las Vegas. But seriously i like Cirque Du Soliel their shows are usually very entertaining and worth seeing even if the tickets are a bit pricey. I love Beatles music so who knows maybe it will work, either way when it opens next year im sure it will be one of the hottest tickets in town and as long as theres no clowns there i will probally be there to.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: New York Steak And Eggs

The El Cortez downtown offers a graveyard special from 11pm to 7am in their coffee shop called Careful Kittys; The special is New York steak and 2 eggs, hashbrowns and toast for $5.95. If you like steak in the middle of the night or are a early riser this might be a good deal for you.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Las Vegas Trivia: El Cortez

The main building of the El Cortez downtown is much the same as it was since 1941 so if you are looking for old time Las Vegas history it is there.

El Cortez Offers Free Room Deal

The El Cortez which is a property one block from the end of Fremont Street has a good room deal right. If you are staying there in October or November you get two free nights in December. This is a very good deal although the El Cortez may not be for everyone. The block between the El Cortez and Fremont Street is safe but looks a bit scruffy. The hotel rooms are okay but basic and the casino is very crowded with slots it used to be very down market although this year they have cleaned it up a little. Check with the hotel concerning the room specials as they are always subject to change.

Something Different Indoor Skydiving

Okay skydiving to me is a little weird, jumping out of a perfectly good plane in mid air doesn't sound like fun to me. Now there is a alternative and i might even consider doing this its called indoor skydiving. They dress you in a jump suit and then position you over a vertical current of air which shoots up from the floor. The air is so strong it lifts you up so you float like you are sky diving. You wear googles and the walls are padded so you won't get hurt. The name of the company that does this is called Flyaway Indoor Skydiving and its located at 200 Convention Center Drive behind the Walgreens. The price is $50 per flight which includes training, not cheap but hey its a different experiance. You can also buy a video of your experiance. I have often seen discount coupons for $5 off in the free show magazines so you might want to check there first if you are going to try this. (702) 731-4768 *Updated Info*

Free Attraction: Hard Rocks Memorabilia

The Hard Rock located off the strip on Paradise Road is home to a large collection of rock and roll memorabilia. Its on display throughout the casino and lounges of course 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Notable highlights include a Women Of Rock display as well as the Beatles Collection and clothes worn in concerts by the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. The collection changes from time to time so if you haven't been recently and are visiting the Hard Rock it may be time to look again. On Sundays poolside they sell a Rock Tour Map for $25 at Rehab. (702) 693-5000

Las Vegas Rumors: Wynn Collection To Close

There are rumors that Steve Wynn plans to close down the public display of his art called the Wynn Collection. This would be a shame because he has an impressive collection and it would be a loss for Las Vegas. The rumor is that he wants to use the space currently used by the Wynn Collection for more retail. I hope if he does close it that he can find a new place to display the collection.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Editors Notes

Okay first i want to thank everyone for there continued support of the site and i hope i can help you make the best of your next Las Vegas trip. More and more people are using the rss feed which is great and probally the best way to keep updated on all the posts. I have added a link to Cheap Skate Las Vegas Guide which is my new site and just has the cheap food, room and hotel deals and tips for people on a budget or saving money on there trip. You won't find reviews of the Venetian or Bellagio but you will find reviews of places like Las Vegas Club, El Cortez and even Gold Spike. A note on the larger ad bar on top of the site i put it back because of in internet explorer the site doesn't view proablly the ads are pushed to the bottom and those are what supports this site. The site views properly in Firefox, Mozilla and Safari which are better browsers anyway so if you can view with them. If you have questions or comments you don't want to post on the site email me at

Buffet Review: Sahara Buffet

Okay the Sahara has consistantly one of the cheaper buffets on the strip. The Sahara is located on the north end of the strip across from Circus Circus. If you have a monorail pass this is the last stop on the monorail so its easy to zip over here for food. Because its one of the cheapest in town doesn't mean its bad, but the food isn't the greatest its kind of like school cafeteria food. Its a little bland and the selection is very meat and potatoes basics. A lot of people conplain about the food here but i have eaten here before and if you are just looking for inexpensive food to keep you going its fine for that. The price for breakfast is $8 and lunch is $9 and dinner is $11 which includes prime rib. Also inside the hotel travel guides there is often a discount coupon for $1 off per person for the buffet which also helps.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: Free Donuts And Coffee

If you are staying at Circus Circus the small overflow casino in the parking lot Slots A Fun has free coffee and donuts from 8am to 10am everyday.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Barbary Coasts Current Form In Doubt

One of my favorite places on the strip is the Barbary Coast a small casino-hotel located in a prime position on the strip. This place has none of the fancy stuff at the resort hotels it is a long casino with a few hotel rooms above. It has a good coffee shop, better than average lounge entertainment and Micheal's one of the best gourmet rooms in town. Its location has been surrounded by properties owned or recently bought by Harrahs. Barbary Coast is owned by Boyd Group owners of Coast Casinos as well as Stardust and California, Main Street Station, Fremont and others. Boyd Chairman Bill Boyd anounced that the Barbary Coast would make a good place for a high rise resort. I don't know if they really plan to build a high rise or are just trying to get a higher price from Harrahs which would love the property to link there properties. Either way it looks like the Barbary Coast in its present form could soon be gone. This would be a great loss to Las Vegas as i love this place but i suggest when you visit Las Vegas you pay it a visit while you still can.

Bourbon Street Closes Down Early

Bourbon Street the small off strip property near Ballys and Barbary Coast has closed down for good two weeks earlier than scheduled. The casino-hotel was purchased this summer by Harrahs for future redevelopment and wasn't scheduled to close to October 31st. Because of a water leak at the property they decided to move there guests to other properties and close down sooner. I had visited this property before and it had a tiny casino with a few tables but mainly a slot joint. This property was mainly an overflow joint for the strip and if you couldn't get a room on the strip you would end up here or at the former Maxim hotel-casino. Now im sure Harrahs will demolish it and use the space to link the other properties north of here with Ballys/Paris which they own south of the former Bourbon Street.

Free Attraction: Benny Binion Statue

Located behind Binions downtown by the parking strcture is a statue of Benny Binion the founder of Binions Horseshoe on a horse. Its interesting because of Benny was such a famous figure in Las Vegas history. If you are downtown and want to look its just a block off Fremont Street behind Binions.

Cheap Skate Deal: Steak & Eggs For $3.49

The Fresh Harvest Cafe at Sams Town which is a locals off strip property has a steak and eggs breakfast for only $3.49 avaiable daily 24 hours a day. Sams Town runs a shuttle from seversl strip properties and downtown to the casino.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Boardwalk To Close Jan 9th

The Boardwalk a property on the strip is to close January 9th 2006 to make way for Project City Center a $5 billion dollar redevelopment of the area between Bellagio and the Monte Carlo. The new development will include a 60 story, 4,000 room hotel-casino, boutique hotels , a major shopping mall and 1,640 condominium units. The Boardwalk is a small property with rooms that arn't fancy but are inexpensive in a high room rent district. The whole theme of the property is a Coney Island theme park include a roller coaster in the signage that is fake. It was never a favorite place of mine and as i said in a resent review the Surf Buffet is the worst in Las Vegas by far. The one thing this place was good for was inexpensive rooms in a prime location and with the Westwood Ho also closing they are getting harder to find on the strip.

Free Attraction: White Tiger Habitat At Mirage

Even though there is no more Siegfried & Roy show at the Mirage their famous white tigers remain. You watch through glass as they lounge around waterfalls and pools in this exhibit. The attraction is free and is open daily 24 hours a day. I read recently that MGM Mirage had said they would keep the tigers there on display even though the Siegfried & Roy magic show isn't returning. Its cool to see these rare big cats on display although it is from quite a distance most of the time but hey its free so its worth a visit if you are close by. (702) 791-7111

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Las Vegas Trivia: Crazy Girls Behinds Statue

The rear ends on the famous Crazy Girls statues belong to Crazy Girl cast members form left to right Mindy, Eliset, Rayma, Lindsay, Becca, Kelly and Eva just in case you were wondering.

Cheap Skate Deal: Huge Strawberry Shortcake

Nickel Nicks in the soon to close Westwood Ho sells a huge strawberry shortcake for $1.49 but get there before November 17th when the Westwood Ho closes for good.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Las Vegas Rumors: Wayne Newton

After finishing his six week limited run at the Las Vegas Hilton, Wayne Newton Mr Las Vegas had disappeared from Las Vegas all together. There was some speculation that his long run in Las Vegas was over. Now there is rumors that he will be taking over for Gladys Knight when she ends her long run at the Flamingo. I hope this is true because while Wayne Newton may have not had the best talent he was the ultimate showman and also put on a good show.

Free Attraction: World Series Of Poker Wall

Inside Binions downtown is a free attraction which showcases the past winners of the World Series Of Poker which until recently was held at Binions. Its basically just a wall of pictures called the gallery of champions. If you are in Binions its worth a look its a bit of Las Vegas history but not worth going out of your way to visit. Because its in the casino its open 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Harrahs Las Vegas Health Club

If your hotel doesn't have a health club or its not to your liking the Harrahs Las Vegas Health Club is one of the few hotel gyms open to non guests. They have all the latest equipment all for a $20 entrance fee. The club also has some different equipment like virtual reality cycles and stair climbers where you can steer through courses such as island,snowscapes and others. These have music to them and simulate the air blowing through your hair a little weird but it makes working out more fun. Other local gyms offer day passes and i will write more about them in the future but most of them are off the strip this one is centrally located on the strip. For latest information call (702) 369-5000. The hours are daily for 6am to 8pm.

Las Vegas Trivia: Number Of Conventions

In 2004 more than 22,000 conventions were held in Las Vegas which was down slightly from 2003 when there was 24,000 conventions. Although the number of people attending these conventions went up form 5,657,796 to 5,724,864.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: 1/2 Slab Of Ribs $7.95

Here is another deal at the Westwood Ho which is known for checap food deals but unfortunately is closing on November 17th so get this one while you can. The deal is a half slab of baby back ribs for $7.95 or a full alab for $12.95. This deal is in the 24 hour round up grill in the little saterlite casino of the Westwood Ho.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Attraction Review: Las Vegas Historical Museum

The Las Vegas Historical Museum is located in the Tropicana on the south end of the strip. The museum is actually very good it includes statues of the famous rat pack of Dean Martin, Sammy Davis jr and Frank Sinatra with memorobilia of Judy Garland, Wayne Newton, Elvis Presley and Liberace on display. The price is inexpensive too which makes it a good bargain its only $6.95 so if you are on the south end of the strip its worth a visit. (702) 739-2222

Luxor Rooms For $70 A Night

The Luxor on the south end of the strip has room rates at $69.99 plus tax on select dates in November and December. The dates are November 20th to 23rd and November 27th to 30th and in December 11th to 15th and December 18th to 28th. Also included is a $10 room credit off one nights stay plus a $30 dining credit and 2 for 1 deals on a lunch buffet, IMAX, Oasis Spa admission and King Tutankahamun Museum pass. This is a very nice property and a very good deal because rates can be expensive here at times. One note on these rooms they are in the towers behind the pyramid not rooms in the pyramid itself. These rates are always subject to change so check the luxor website or 1 (888) 777-0188 for more information.

Saturday, October 15, 2005

Free Attraction: Bellagio Conservatory

The Conservatory at the Bellagio is a beautiful glass domed room that is 90,000 square foot in size. The Conservatory has 1,200 bins of exotic plants and flowers such as orchids,lillies and hyacinths. The display are changed monthly and change with the season. This is the perfect attraction to just walk or relax awhile from the noise and bustle of Las Vegas. The attraction also amazingly is free so its well worth a visit. (702) 693-7111

Save Money By Being Flexible

Hotel rates in Las Vegas can vary wildly depending on time of the year, demand or convention traffic. One of the ways to save money on a room is by being flexable on your dates if you can. Generally Sunday through Thursdays are the cheapest days so if you can visit on those days you will save money. Fridays and Saturdays and Holidays are the most expensive times in Las Vegas. Other times that are expensive include Super Bowl weekend and during big convention shows such as CES or COMDEX. When you are checking room rates online adjust the days and see if you can save money. Also if you are staying somewhere like downtown check the other hotels because you could find one cheapest one day another one the next and if you don't mind switching hotels they are real close to do that.

Side Step A Good Resource

One of the advertisers on this site is Side Step and i point this out not because i have anything to do with this company but its one i have used. Side Step is a program that installs on your computer and then searches the internet for the top 100 travel sites and compares rates. Its free and seems to have really good deals for Las Vegas on rooms, flights and car rentals especially for last minute trips. Click on the link on the side of my page and try it an if you want share your experiance.

Cheap Skate Deal: 75 Cent Beer At Slots A Fun

In Slots A Fun which is the small casino next to Circus Circus on the north end of the strip they have a drinks special which is 75 cent bottled beer and cocktails Tuesday through Thursday from 3pm to 6pm (premium beers and shots excluded). This is not my favorite place to hang out its mailnly slots and lacks charm but is does have consistant good deals on food and drink.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Wet N Wild Still Closed

If you read about Las Vegas in guides or online often you will read about reviews of the Wet N Wild water park. Wet N Wild is your basic water park but what a lot of times you don't read is that it has been closed since September 24th 2004 and there is no plans on reopening it. I write this because i had two people ask me about it and on my last trip i even saw Wet N Wild brochures in a hotel lobby which i will leave nameless. The empty park is a prime spot of strip real estate and last i heard they had planned to put a huge ferris wheel like in London on the site. The ferris wheel plan has been mentioned at sites all over town so who knows what will happen to this site although i think it reopenning as i water park is very unlikely.

A Note About Hotel Swimming Pools

Most of the big resort hotels on the strip have elaborate swimming areas some with wave pools. sandy beaches, water rides and fountains. One note about these pools is that a lot of them close in the evenning because they want people in the casino gambling instead of by the pool. Some hotels pools have limited hours during the winter months or slow times. The Golden Nugget pool downtown even disappears during winter months when they cover it over and put a heated tent around it and it becomes a conference area. If you plan to use the pool a lot during winter or slow times check with your hotel for hours of operation.

Free Attraction: Strolling Entertainers At Excalibur

At the Excalibur on the south end of the strip they have a free show on the Court Jesters Stage. The show consists of jugglers, singing and puppetry among other things, the show goes on from 11am to 7:30pm daily. This is not something i would go out of my way to see but if i was in the area its not a bad free show. If you have kids with you and why bring your kids tp Las Vegas but thats another story it would be a good show for them. Another plus all the times i have seen it unlike the shows at Circus Circus no clowns in this one.

Worst Buffet In Las Vegas: At The Boardwalk

Okay as far as the best buffet in Las Vegas im sure there are many different opinions from the Spice Market Buffet at the Aladdin to buffets at Bellagio,Paris,Rio to name just a few; But i think the title of worst buffet is easy to pick its the Surf Buffet at the Boardwalk on the strip. This buffet is advertised all over the place as the only 24 hour buffet on the strip. If this is a case i would find a 24 hour strip casino coffee shop or go to Dennys at the Casino Royale if i was up late instead. There are other buffets that are not good such as Mollys in Fitzgeralds downtown but this one is really bad. The food is hardly edible and the stations are dirty or half empty and the service is terrible. When there is food it looks like something they might have served to Oliver Twist. The bread is so dry and stale you feel like taking out and feeding the birds. Desert offerings are usally rock hard cake or really cheap ice cream. The Boardwalk is a small casino located between the Monte Carlo and the Bellargio. If you are in the casino and they offer you a buffet comp don't take it your stomach will thank you.

Cheap Skate Deal: Free Photo At Imperial Palace

In front of the Imperial Palace on the sidewalk they will take your picture for free and then you go inside to pick it up. Lots of places used to do this including Binions when it was the Binions Horseshoe where they used to take your picture in front of one million dollars. The Imperial Palace is the last place to consistantly do this so take advantage of it while you still can in case new owners Harrahs change that. Also they will hold your photo for up to 24 hours.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Las Vegas Rumors: Encore On Hold

There is rumors that Steve Wynns next big project Encore is on hold. The project is a new casino resort on the strip on 20 acres that is just north of Wynn Las Vegas. I wonder with all the high end resorts that have been built and with more on the way if they all can make money. There isn't a unlimited supply of high rollers and with Harrahs and MGM owning a big section of the strip the chances are that if a high roller isn't gambling at one of there properties he is at another one. Even non high rollers i wonder how many people in the end could afford or want to pay $250 to $5oo a night for a bed however nice. I would never bet against Wynn and im sure he will build Encore but i wonder when the high end supply will surpass available customers.

B Bar Lounge At Wynn To Close

The B Bar lounge at Wynn Las Vegas is said to be closing and plans are to turn it in to a lounge for the Wynns high roller customers.

Friday, October 14, 2005

Hotel Deals: MGM Grand $79 Per Night

The MGM Grand which is the largest hotel in the world and a huge resort hotel and casino on the south end of the strip is running an internet special. The special called fall for vegas runs through the end of the year and is mainly on Sunday through Thursday. Not all dates are available for this rate which is $79 to $139 a night. What makes this deal so good is apart from the low rate it also includes $35 in dining credit and the MGM has many fine restaurants; 15 % off spa service as well as a 2 for 1 spa facility pass and if that wasn't enough it includes a free tower deluxe premium view upgrade. This can be an expensive hotel at times but this is a good deal and certain dates at the $79 price make this a big savings. The date for $79 include November 20th to 23rd and 27th to 28th and again in December from the 18th to the 22nd. Clink on the ad link on my site or go to
**Rooms are subject to availabilty and change and rates quoted do not include taxes**

Video Megabucks On Penny Machines

Something new at Coast Casinos such as Barbary Coast,Gold Coast,Orleans and also at Boyd properties such as California,Main Street Station,Fremont and Stardust is something called penny Video Megabucks. Okay if you are not familar with Video Megabucks its a group of machines all over the state that are linked together with a progressive jackpot. The jackpot keeps building until someone hits it at which time it can be millions of dollars to the person hitting the jackpot. They have had in for years on quarter and dollars machines but now its being introduced on penny machines. On these machines they have 5 video reels and if you have the max bet in the machine before the spin which is 300 pennys and then hit the progressive you would win at least $10 million dollars which is payable in annual installments. You don't need to feed 300 pennys in to the machine you slide your bills in for credits to be used to spin. One note on progressive machines is they usually pay out less in smaller jackpots you are hoping you will hit the big jackpot. I always put a little money in them its always worth a shot.

Cheap Skate Deal: 99 Cent Margarita

At the Westwood Ho which is closing on November 17th they have many ongoing drink specials one is there 99 cent 27 oz margarita. There isn't much alcohol in this but on a hot day it tastes good, get one while you still can. For $1.49 you can get the same one with Jose Cuervo . Im telling you a lot about specials at the Westwood Ho a lot because this is a place with constant good specials and the time to take advantage of them is running out.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Hotel Deals: Stratosphere $31.99 Night

The Stratosphere is advertising on its website $31.99 a night for its Tower Rooms for most nights Sunday through Thursday nights in Novermber and December. The Tower Rooms at the Stratosphere are not fancy but okay. If you do decide to book here remember this is a property which has lots of services but also it is on its own on the north end of the strip and is a little remote.
**Rooms are subject to availabilty and change and rates quoted do not include taxes**

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Local Restaurants A Good Choice

Because all the local restaurants in Las Vegas have to compete with the restaurants and mega buffets in the casino hotels; The quality of food in local restaurants is high and you get good value for money. Some of the buffets on the strip for example are bland but if you head just off the strip many local restaurants sell exotic and tasty food. One thing Las Vegas seems to have a lot of is Indian restaurants which i happen to like so its a plus for me. But there are many other regional foods avaiable as well and some will even deliver food to the hotels. A good place to check for information on the local restaurants is the free show magazines like Showbiz Weekly or Whats On among others.

Transportation: Shuttle Monorail To Wynn

If you want to take the monorail to the Wynn Las Vegas there is not a stop at the Wynn but there is still a way to get there. Take the monorail and get off at the Convention Center station. Then head out to the street in front of the Convention Center called Paradise Road and cross it and on one corner by the Wynn Golf Course is a free shuttle that will take you to the front door of the Wynn.

Editors Notes

Okay as you can see i have added color to the postings to make them stand out and a bit easier to read. Thanks everyone for you comments and feedback i really appreciate it. Someone asked why there isn't any photos and i have thought about that but decided for the most part that photos will slow the page loading and cut in to space for deals and information to improve your Las Vegas visit. If you click on an ad it does help me and i appreciate it, thank you. Right now some of the ads are for real good deals in rooms in December and even comped food included which is real good. The last months of the year except holiday weeks are some of the best times to get cheap rooms all year. One of the best way to get content from the site is copying the RSS Feed link in to your RSS browser i use Thunderbird Mail but there are many others including a new Google one.

Cheap Skate Deal: 75 Cent Hot Dog At Coast

In the Gold Coast which is a off strip propertie next to the Rio they have a real good hot dog deal. From a cart next to the Sports Book you can get an all beef hot dog for 75 cents with all the fixins such as mustard,onions,relish and sauerkraut. The hot dog actually tastes pretty good but its all the free fixins that makes it a real bargain.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Las Vegas Trivia: Largest Gold Nugget

The worlds largest gold nugget is on display in a glass case located in the lobby of the
Golden Nugget of course, in downtown Las Vegas. Its called the Hand Of Faith and it was discovered in Australia in 1980. It weighs 61 pounds and 11 ounces.

Shopping Guide: Buying Gambling Gear

If you want to bring something back from Las Vegas instead of leaving all your money on the tables i have a few suggestions where to buy gambling stuff; such dice, craps, tables,old slot machines and other stuff.

Gambers General Store:
800 S Main St (Located 8 blocks south of Fremont St)
CJ's Casino Emporium:
3663 Las Vegas Blvd (In Desert Passage Mall)
Gamblers Book Store:
630 S 11th Street (located near Charleston Rd)

Phantom Coming To Venetian In 2006

Andrew Lloyd Webbers "Phantom Of The Opera" is coming to the Venetian in 2006 in a theater specially built for it. I saw the show when it had its long run in Los Angeles twice and i enjoyed it and probally will see the new one when it opens.

Transportation: Palace Station to Tropicana

Palace Station a locals casino that is pretty close to the strip offers a free shuttle for its hotel guests or slot club members between the Place Station and the Tropicana and the Fashion Show Mall. The shuttle runs 9am to 11pm daily and they do check for Palace Station room keys or Station Casinos slot cards. This is a decent property and fairly close for an off strip property so if you are willing to use the shuttle it could be a good option..

Attraction Review: Las Vegas Art Museum

The Las Vegas Art Museum amazingly enough isn't located inside a hotel or casino. Its a community museum that is affiliated since 2002 with the Smithsonian Museum and is housed in a beautiful purpose built building. The museum mainly shows special exhibitions and shows that change often as opposed to a permanent collection. If you want to get away from the crowds and noise of the strip this is a nice way to get away for a while and experiance some art and sculptures in a more relaxing setting. Another advantage about visiting here instead of a art collection on the strip is admission is only $6. Hours are Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm and Sunday 1pm to 5pm, tours are also available on Saturdays at 2pm. The museum is located at 9600 West Sahara Avenue and the phone number is (702)360-8000.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: 1/2lb 99 Cent Hot Dog

With the Westwood Ho soon to be gone and, with it the 3/4lb Mega Dog hot dog; Not quite the same but over at Slots A Fun they have a 1/2lb hot dog for 99 cents. I have eaten it before and its okay plus they usally offer $1 Heiniken or Amstel Light to wash it down.
**Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Blue Man Group Opens At Venetian

The Blue Man Group the strange but amazingly poplar trio has just opened their brand new show this time at the Venetian. They are performing in a 1760 seat state of the art theater built just for them. The three balded headed men with their painted blue heads perform a visually stunning and clever as well as funny show. I saw them at there past show at the Luxor and i was skeptical of the show especially at the $100 price tag but it was worth every penny. The past show was one of the hardest in town to get tickets for and im sure they will do just as well at their new location. I plan to go and see the new show as soon as i can. The ticket prices for the new show are $110, $95 and $75 plus tax and services fees. For tickets call (702) 414-7469 or 866-641-SHOW. Show times are nightly in the Blue Man Theater at 7pm with a second show on Saturdays only at 10pm.

Attraction Review: Tutankhamen Museum

The Tomb And Museum Of King Tutankhamen at the Luxor is a little strange because everything is fake. The items including a full scale mock up of King Tutankhamens tomb is very detailed and well done. Its not exactly the British Museum but its surprising good fun. They have audio tours in four languages i don't think ancient Egyptian was one of them but oh well. Another good thing about the attraction is the price its only $5. Hours are 9am to 11pm except Fridays and Saturdays when they are open to 1am. (702) 262-4555

Las Vegas Trivia: Adventuredome At Circus Circus

The Adventuredome at Circus Circus is the largest indoor theme park in the United States and is enclosed by 8,615 panes of pink glass.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Transportation: Airport To Palace Station

Okay not many hotels offer free shuttles from Mc Carren Airport to their properties one that does is the Palace Station which is a locals casino located just off the north end of the strip. The service begins at 6am and ends at 11:30pm every day. You must be a hotel guest or slot club member to use this shuttle and yes they do check. To pick it up at the airport its on level zero between stalls 21 and 23.

Cheap Skate Deal: Breakfast At El Cortez

At the El Cortez which is downtown just south of Fremont Street they have a graveyard breakfast special at their 24 hour coffee shop called Careful Kittys from 11pm to 7am. The special is bacon or sausage and eggs, hash browns and toast for $1.75. The area from Fremont Street to the El Cortez isn't the greatest its a short block and its pretty safe but people still could be intimadated.
Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.**

Wynn Sells Two Paintings For 100 Million

Steve Wynn owner of the Wynn Las Vegas recently sold two paintings that used to be in the Bellagio Fine Art Collection for over $100 million dollars. Steve Wynn is often a buyer and seller of his art so this wasn't much of a surprise. The new $2.7 billion Wynn Las Vegas recorded $10.2 million in income for the 3rd quarter.

Las Vegas Trivia: Sands Name Survives

When the legendary Sands was replaced with the Venetian the Sands name survives in one aspect; When they built the new convention center at the Venetian they called it the Sands Convention Center.

Platters & Drifters & Coasters At Sahara

Three legendary bands are now playing in the Congo Room at the Sahara the Platters, Drifters and Coasters. In fact i think only the Platters are the original group the others are put together groups singing the old songs. The groups sing songs that were their respective hits of the 50's and 60's. The show isn't that expensive and even though i wasn't around when this music was poplar, i have heard it since and think it would be a good show i will make it a stop on my next visit. On the Sahara website they have a quicktime movie of the show. If you have seen it email me and i will share your review. Tickets are $36.50 plus tax and service fee. For more information call (702) 737-2515.

Paradise Cafe At Las Vegas Hilton

I recently had breakfast at the Paradise Cafe inside the Las Vegas Hilton. It is a standard coffee shop and the food was pretty good; The service here was very attentive and good. I wouldn't make a trip here just for this but if you are staying at or visiting the Las Vegas Hilton its a good bet.

World Famous Carnegie Deli At Mirage

I have never been to the Carnegie Deli in New York and who knows if i ever will but now i don't have to because they have a location inside the Mirage. The Carnegie Deli is famous for its huge overstuffed meat sandwiches. The meat is thinly sliced and the sandwiches are so big that they are hard to eat and its enough meat for several normal sandwiches. It may be a lot of fun but it tastes so good they also have matzoh ball soup and other New York favorites. The weren't rude to me like a New Yorker might be but it was still a good experiance.

$5 In Free Slot Play At Flamingo

If you have a Flamingo Connection Slot Card and you ride the monorail take your same day monorail ticket to the Connection Center in the Flamingo for $5 in free slot play. Only one ticket redemption per month and as also subject to change although it has been advertised for a while. (702) 733-3111

Las Vegas Trivia: Sand At Mandalay Bay

To built its 11 acre tropical beach paradise the Mandalay Bay trucked in 1,700 tons of sand from Southern California.

The Comedy Festival In Las Vegas

On November 17th to 19th at Caesars Palace and the Flamingo is The Comedy Festival. This festival has the biggest names in comedy such as Chris rock, Jerry Seinfeld, Garry Shandling, Dennis Miller, Jon Stewart and George Lopez. Its being advertised as 50 shows in 3 days which seems amazing to me. Im sure this event will draw large crowds to these properties and im sure the room rates will be high at both so the a hotel such as the MGM Grand on one end of the monorail route or Saraha on the other end may be a good option; Staying at either one you still will be able to catch the monorail to the Flamingo station for there or Caesars Palace. For tickets or packages call 1 (877)-TCF-FEST.

Downtowns New Years Show Schedule

The Downtown Las Vegas New Years Eve celebration schedule has been released. Among the acts in concert include Cheap Trick, Gin Blossoms and the Spin Doctors and the cost is $40 which includes all the concerts as well as a special light and sound show and all of the attractions on Fremont Street. The event goes on from 5pm on December 31st to 1am. This is one night that all the casinos downtown will be packed and as a fan of downtown im glad. I have been before and its a lot of fun and i haven't decided if i will go this year yet. For more information or tickets go to .

Fine Arts Awards At MGM Grand

Actor Cheech Marin will host the First Annual Fine Arts Award show at the MGM Grand on the weekend of October 28th and 29th. Cheech Marin is a avid collector of Chicano and Mexican art. Las Vegas and culture are not always the first thing that comes to mind but with the Bellagio Fine Art Museum and the Steve Wynn Collection for example Las Vegas is becoming quite a cultured city.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Halloween Shark Reef At Mandalay Bay

The Shark Reef attraction at Mandalay Bay is getting dressed up for Halloween. On Saturday 29th October children 12 and under in costume can trick or treat at Shark Reef for free. The normal sounds of the attraction will be replaced by spooky sounds and music. The walls will have ghostly decorations as well as pumpkins and the staff will hand out candy. It sounds like a fun time for the kids and a little different than the normal trick or treating.

I've Made A Few Changes To The Site

I have changed the site a little, the main change is to the archive which is now done weekly instead of monthly; This change should make it easier to look through articles as you may have noticed i do post often. If you want to get the articles as soon as they are published copy the rss feed link and add it to your rss browser to read them that way. There are ads on the site but they are relevant to Las Vegas and if you can click on them. If you have any questions or comments and don't want to leave them on the site please email me. Thanks for your continued readership and i hope my tips and information help to give you the best Las Vegas experiance.

A Different Comedy Show: Second City

In Las Vegas there are comedy clubs all over town but The Second City at Flamingo is a little different. This is the show that started in Chicago and inspired Saturday Night Live. It features a troupe of comedians who perform sketch comedy and improv and suggestions from the crowd are welcomed. On Wednesday nights they go completly scriptless and the whole show is based on crowd suggestions. This format is totally different than the usual format of a comedian standing at a mike telling jokes. Show Price is $39.95 plus fees and taxes for more info call (702) 733-3333 or visit them on the web at or

Cheap Skate Deal: $3.99 Breakfast At Circus Circus

Okay im not a big fan of the food at Circus Circus its very bland but they do have a graveyard breakfast special in their Pink Pony coffee shop. The special is 2 eggs,hash browns,toast, bacon or sausage and coffee for $3.99 from 11pm to 5am Sundays through Thursdays except holidays. If you are up at that hour my guess is you won't be looking for gourmet food anyway just food to keep you going and soak up the beer, so this might be worth a try; Plus at these hours the screaming kids that are usually around Circus Circus will be a sleep. Also at that hour my eyes will be a sleep enough so i miss the clown stuff (not a fan of clowns sorry). (702) 734-0410

Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.

Lance Burton To Appear On "Las Vegas"

Lance Burton star of his own magic show at the Monte Carlo is going to make an guest appearance on the NBC show Las Vegas. I personally love the show and its not just because its set in Las Vegas.

Blackjack Less Than $5 Per Bet Hard To Find

On my last trip to Las Vegas finding casinos where you can bet less than $5 per hand was not easy. Thats long been the norm on the strip but downtown at non peak hours it usually wasn't a problem. That has changed the only places i found that had less than $5 tables often was Binions and El Cortez which both had $3 tables available. Im sure others do like the Western and Gold Spike do but most visitors wouldn't go there.

World Poker Tour At Bellagio

The World Poker Tour is now going on at the Bellagio it runs from October 7th to 21st. The Doyle Brunson North American Championship happens from October 18th to 21st. The winner of this is automaticly entered in the World Championship which also happens at the Bellagio in April of 2006. With poker getting such good ratings on television im sure there will be big crowds on hand for this event.

Halloween Ball With No Host Maybe

After the recent drug related arrest of Boy George in England i wonder if he is still going to host the Fifth Annual Mask Halloween Ball October 30th at Club Rio. Is he going to be able to fly out of England in his current situation, my guess is probally not. So the next question is who could host in his place it would have to be a entertainer with free time maybe out of work, i have two choices Wayne Newton or Siegfried of Siegfried & Roy okay maybe not.

Las Vegas Rumors: The Producers In Las Vegas

There have been rumors for a while that Mel Brooks is going to bring his hit Broadway show The Producers to Las Vegas. Those rumors seem to have got more intense recently as i have read news reports of Mel visiting hotels in Las Vegas such as Paris and Wynn. The Producers has won a record 12 Tony Awards and has been the hottest show on Broadway since it opened in 2001. My guess is that it will open in Las Vegas and probally will do very well. There has been a lot more Broadway style shows openning in Las Vegas recently and with people visiting from all over the country and world i can see Las Vegas turnning in to a Broadway West with people that would never travel to New York.

Locals Casinos At Good Option

Locals casinos as the name suggest cater to local residents of Las Vegas as opposed to tourists. There is two main chains in the locals casinos the first is Coast Casinos owned by the Boyd Group and the second is Station Casinos as well as several independent casinos. If you are driving to Las Vegas and don't have to stay on the strip or downtown the locals casinos can be a good option. Some such as the Showboat, Orleans, Gold Coast and Suncoast offer free shuttles to the strip. One big advantage of staying off strip at one of these casinos is easy access and avoiding the terrible traffic on the strip. You won't find volcanos or pirate shows at these casinos you are more likely to find movie theaters and bowling alleys. Because they cater to locals the buffets are less fancy than their cousins on the strip but still good food at very good prices. A few are clustered together such as the Palms,Gold Coast and Rio but most are on there own so if you want to walk between casinos thats not always possible. Generally locals casinos are more slot orientated than other casinos and have the slots that the locals like. Slot clubs in these propertys can be pretty generous. The hotel rooms are nothing fancy but rooms in the Orleans for example are pretty large and a good bargain. Locals casinos are not for every tourist but if you have a car or are willing to stay at one that has a free shuttle and take it to the strip they can be a real bargain.

$1 Blackjack At Sahara

The Sahara hotel on the north end of the strip offers $1 blackjack at certain times. The last time i was there in August they didn't have it but when they do its a good bargain. All cards are dealt face up in front of you and you are not allowed to touch the cards.

Shopping: The Forum Shops At Ceasars

In a town with so many shopping malls now this is the one that stands above the rest. This is a mall that is expanding constantly and has the best selection of unique shops in town. The mall itself is very beautiful and it feels like you are walking through ancient Roman. At last count there was 150 stores and 15 restaurants. Also the mall has two free animatronic shows that happen every hour. The mall also includes a 50,000 gallon saltwater aquarium. This mall is an attraction as well as just a shopping experiance so its worth a visit to walk through even if you don't plan to shop. Hours are 10am to 11pm Sunday through Thursday and 10am to midnight Friday and Saturday. For shopping information call (702) 893-4800.

All You Can Eat Sushi & Seafood At Aladdin

In the Desert Passage Mall at the Aladdin is a restaurant called Todai. Im from Southern California and this company is based here so i have been to the restaurants here many times. You pay one price and then you have an all you can eat seafood and sushi buffet which is very good. This isnt a hotel buffet seafood night where they add some seafood items to their regular buffet, this is an all seafood and sushi buffet. If you love seafood or sushi its well worth the visit.

Halloween In Las Vegas A Party For Adults

Halloween may be a holiday celebrated by kids in most of the country in Las Vegas its a little bit different. Every Halloween in Las Vegas adults come dressed up in exotic costumes to party the night away at Halloween themed parties and dances at the clubs at hotels. Here is a few of them the Fifth Annual Mask Halloween Ball with Boy George, October 30th at Club Rio; The Monsterball at ICE October 29th and the long runnning erotic Fetish and Fantasy Ball October 29th at the Events Center. Shows going on now at least through Halloween include the Haunted Las Vegas Tour and Show at the Greek Isles Hotel and on the strip at the Venetian Madame Tussards the wax museum is having something called "Chamber of Horrors: Monsters Alive" go to the Venetian website for more information.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Average Temperatures For Year End

Here are the average temperatures in Las Vegas for the final months of 2005.
Sept - Oct 88.5 degrees Av High 48.5 degrees Av Low
Nov - Dec 62.5 degrees Av High 38.5 degrees Av Low

Also the temperature in November and December especially can drop rapidly after dark and it has snowed on occasion in Las Vegas although that is rare.

Coinless Slot Machines Now Everywhere

Over the last few years the slot machines in Las Vegas have changed a lot. First of all most machines now do not take coins only bills and then when you hit a jackpot the money is just listed as credits no coins drop out. When you cash out you get a slip of paper with the amount on it plus a barcode. You can either take this slip or paper and slide it in another machine for credits or you can take it to the cashier or a machine next to the cashier to exchange it for bills. One upside is you don't have to take racks of dollar coins for example over to be cashed out. I can see the cost savings for the casino not having to pay coin attendants or people to fill the machines but i still miss having real money in my hand when useing the slots but maybe thats just me. Another difference with the modern slots is most of them couldn't be called one arm bandits anymore because most of them don't have an arm any more just a button on the front to spin the reels. More of the machines now are video displays as opposed to the old reel machines.

Free Attraction: Festival Fountains At The Forum Shops

This attraction is located in the huge and every expanding Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace. Every hour from 10am to 11pm the Roman statues at the Festival Fountains come to life in a seven minute long show. The statues are animatronic and are very well done which makes them a little creapy but the show is fun and has lots of lighting effects. If you like to shop this is the mall to visit in town so why not catch a free show while you are there.

New Years In Las Vegas

Now is the time of year that the casinos in Las Vegas start pushing their New Years packages. Most of the packages usually require a two or three night stay and getting a room for one night can be really hard. If you have never been to Las Vegas i think everyone should do it at least once. The strip turns in to one big party with everyone drinking and having fun its kind of like Times Square west spread over a larger area. On Fremont Street you can not hardly move with the crowds and all the casinos are busy. I'm not a fan of big crowds but its fun and a great way to celebrate the New Year. One note on room rates they are at the highest and its not uncommon to pay $230 a night for a room thats $60 a night the rest of the time so shop around. If you are a member of slot clubs quite often they will offer you special rates for New Years Eve.

What Happens if You Win $1,200 Or More

If you win a jackpot of $1,200 or more quite often after the casino verifys the win casino personnel will often show up with a form for you to fill. They will ask for identification and then have you fill out a W2G form which is a IRS form for gambling winnings. The casino will then report that win to the IRS so you had better declare it on your taxes. Also if you are under 21 they will not pay the jackpot as its illegal to gamble under 21 they will ask you to leave or even have security escort you out if you are not a hotel guest.

Las Vegas Lounges

Okay we have all seen the comedy bits with Las Vegas lounge singers on television and in movies. But actually Las Vegas lounges are one of the best entertainment deals in town. The lounges some of which are basic and small and some which are quite large feature everything from Elvis inpersonators,cover bands to jazz and cuban music. The lounges for the most part are free or have a one drink minimum. Where else can you sit and watch a show for such a cheap price. Some lounges are open to the casino so if they are and have a one drink minimum you could sit by a nearby slot machine and play a few nickels and not have to buy a drink but that would be wrong of course. The places i like to go is the Plaza downtown which often has Elvis impersonators i know its cheesy but its Las Vegas; another place that i go is the Rio because they have good latin or cuban music. Other casinos like the Gold Coast have jazz or some lounges have karaoke which i think means death by singing, just kidding. Whatever your personal taste i think you will find something you will enjoy. I once watched Freddy Fender in the lounge at the Barbary Coast for free once and it was a good show. Also speaking about the Barbary Coast i read that Peter Vallee who plays the lounge as Big Elvis was sick i hope you get better soon.

Adding More Info To Posts

I have been adding phone numbers now to things i write about here when i can to make it easier for people interested to get more information. The things i write about are from my own experiances in Las Vegas or for information to help you enjoy your next Las Vegas trip. If something is bad or not worth visiting i will tell you and if its good i will tell you. I have no connection to the places i write about i just want to help you make your experiance in Sin City the best.

Attraction Review: Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art

After Steve Wynn sold the Bellagio with the rest of the Mirage Resorts i kind of expected the Bellagio Gallery Of Fine Art to close after he took out his huge personal colection of art. Actually i was really surprised that it stayed open and they were able to replace the missing works with other quality pieces. The museum which is open daily in the Bellagio from 9am to 10pm at the moment is hosting a collection of european impressionist landscape paintings. The paintings from artists such as Cezanne,Gauguin,Monet and Renoir are on display until January 8th 2006. I plan to visit again before the collection is gone, if you plan to visit i would suggest that you get a reservation or buy tickets before going. For tickets or information call (877) 957-9777 or (702) 693-7871 or The tickets are $15 or $12 for Las Vegas residents,students or seniors over 65.

100x Odds On Craps At Casino Royale

At the Casino Royale which is a small property between Harrahs and the Venetian they are offering 100x odds on craps.

Cheap Skate Deal: Steak & Shrimp At Hardrock

The Hard Rock has a shrimp & steak special for $10 available 24 hours a day in there coffee shop. (702) 693-5000

Deals are alway subject to change but this is one that has been running for a while.

What Is The Strip?

The section of Las Vegas Boulevard from Mandalay Bay in the south to the Stratosphere which is 4 miles to the north is commonly known as the strip. This is where most of the large casinos and resorts that everyone is familar with are located. Be careful of places that say they are on the strip but are located outside this area. Sometimes places a long way south of the Mandalay Bay advertise as on the strip and technically they are because Las Vegas Boulevard runs from the airport to downtown but they are very remote so unless you want to take a bus or cab to the action or enjoy desert i would avoid this area. Some small motels north of the Stratosphere advertise as on the strip and again technically they are but they are in a remote section between the Stratosphere and downtown and are surrounded by adult bookstores,strip clubs and wedding chapels.

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Karaoke At House Of Blues

Okay i have made my views on karaoke clear before its not for me. I don't have a great singing voice and the last time i tried in the shower my neighbors moved out the next day, it may be a coincidence but im not going to risk it by singing in public. Someone asked me for another place on the strip doing karaoke so here is one the House Of Blues which is inside the Mandaly Bay has karaoke on Monday and Tuesday nights at 10pm and there is no cover charge and they have drink specials. For more info call them at (702) 632-7600 or look on the internet at .

Toby Keiths Bar & Grill Now Open At Harrahs

Another theme restaurant has opened in town this one at Harrahs on the strip. This time its Toby Keiths I Love This Bar & Grill which is a interesting name. Its named after the country singer and they have memorabilla of him as well as what they call down home cookin. I must admit i am not a big fan of theme resaurants usually because the food is like Dennys but priced much higher. I haven't been to this one yet but i think i will try it on my next visit, if anybody has visited i would love to hear what you thought. Every night they have live entertainment which is cool because if you are paying a premium for the food because of the theme, if you get live music it makes it a better deal.

This Taxi Doesn't Go To The Airport

This doesn't happen too often but it has happened to me during Comdex(a computer show) and CES or Consumer Electronics Show. What happens is when a big show like this in town the city allows taxis from Henderson and other outlaying areas to come in to Las Vegas to pick up fares to ease the crunch. This is a good idea but what has happened to me when im leaving town is if i get in one of these cabs they cannot take me to the airport because they are not licensed to go to the airport. If there is another taxis around thats okay but if not you have to call and wait for one that can to arrive.