Friday, February 24, 2006

Transportatation: The Monorail

Traffic on the strip is bad and at peak times can be a parking lot, one alternative is the Las Vegas Monorail. Soon after it openned it was closed for many months but is now reopened. The route of the monorail is on the back side of many of the large hotels on one side of the strip. It runs from the MGM Grand to the Saraha with stops also at Paris/Ballys,Flamingo,Harrahs/Imperial Palace,Convention Center and the Las Vegas Hilton. Because its behind most of the properties the stations for most are at the back of the hotels. Recently the monorail raised their fares and to me they seem a little steep but i will still use it. The fare is $5 for one way or $9 for a two ride pass and the $10 all day pass is now $15 or $35 for ten rides or $40 for a three day pass.You buy the tickets at machines on the station platforms or in some casinos it runs from 7am to 2am and runs till 3am on Friday thru Sundays. Trains arrive and depart every few minutes with more at peak times. I use it often because it is air conditioned and fairly quick although with the 3 day pass going from $25 to $40 i may use it less now. It was privately funded and they originally talked about extending it to downtown as well as to Mc Carren Airport but either is probally years off. I like staying at the Las Vegas Hilton which is off the strip by the convention center which was a drawback because you would have to take a taxi to the strip but now with the monorail it makes it a lot more conveniant.

Rita Rudner Show Ends At New York New York

Rita Rudner ends her five year contract at the New York New York in June of this year. The showroom that she is performing in is being turned in to a nightclub. Rita has said that she will return this fall at another property in town so fans will be happy. I haven't seen this show yet although i hope to before it closes, because it has been getting rave reviews.

New Shows Downtown

Downtown is not known for having many shows but the Plaza on one end of Fremont Street has been having shows for many years. Recently John Stuarts "Ovation" has moved from the Lady Luck and Curtis Adams "Adrenaline- Magic That Rocks have also opened. Generally the showrooms downtown are on the smaller side and the shows are less elaborate than on the strip but also the prices generally are cheaper so they can be a good deal.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Double Decker Buses On Strip

The new double decker buses that are now running up and down on the strip are a great way to travel. The fare from downtown down the strip is only $2 and they run every 5 to 10 minutes or so 24 hours a day and seven days a week. I grew up in England and love the double decker buses, plus from the top deck they are a great place to see the sights.