Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pamela Anderson In Magic Show

Pamela Anderson is to be the assistant for magician Hans Klok in the new show "The Beauty Of Magic" at the new Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the strip. The 39 year old ex Baywatch beauty replaces Carmen Electra who recently dropped out of the show before it opened. Because Pamela Anderson needs to get ready for the show the grand opening is being pushed back to June 2nd.

MTV's "Video Music Awards" Coming To LV

MTV's flagship "Video Music Awards" is coming to Las Vegas for the first time September 9th. The 24th annual ceremony will take place at the Palms Casino Resort just off the strip with guests and host to be named later.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Moneysaver: Staying At Off Strip Properties

One way to save money on hotel rooms is to stay at a hotel property off the strip. If you are driving in to Las Vegas and want to save money this is a good option as the prices are lower than the strip properties. By staying at these smaller properties off strip you also have the advantages of getting to your room quicker and not having to deal with the traffic problems with some strip properties. If you are not driving in to Las Vegas its still possible to stay at some of these properties to save money but be careful with your choice. Taxi rides back and forth from the strip can add up and also even though a property only looks a block from the strip that block can be a long walk. Hotels such as the Rio and Gold Coast are a block from the strip but in between is a real busy on ramp and off ramp from the interstate which is dangerous to cross. If you want to stay at one of off strip properties without a car look for one that operates a free shuttle service to the strip; Some of these properties also offer shuttle services to the airport, but routes and times are always subject to change. Some of these shuttles that have been running for years include properties such as The Hard Rock, Rio, Gold Coast, Orleans and Showboat. The shuttle for the Showboat stops at several properties on the strip as well as downtown but one note about this shuttle is they sometimes ask for a Las Vegas hotel key or your check in confirmation at the Showboat. I guess this is to stop locals from using this extensive shuttle as free transportation around town.

Las Vegas Podcasts Now Added

I had some requests for Las Vegas themed podcasts so I have added some links to them. If you follow any of the podcast links they will take you to their websites where you can download the podcast. After you have downloaded the show you can listen to them on your computer or Ipod or other portable music player. These Las Vegas shows are entertaining and informative and I will include reviews of some soon.

Las Vegas In 1985

This is a picture i took in downtown Las Vegas in 1985 in front of Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino. This was back when you could drive down Fremont Street as you can see by the taxi stand. The front of this hotel now is a lot sleeker than it was then and the luck of the Irish theme has been toned down; Also notice the picketers out front which happened a lot in the 80's.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Macau Revenues Now Higher Than Las Vegas

The former Portuguese colony of Macau which was returned to the Chinese is a gambling hotbed. The revenues of the casinos in Macau totaled $6.95 billion for 2006 which beat the Strips predicted revenue of $6.5 billion for 2006. Las Vegas legends Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson both have large properties in Macau competing with Chinese tycoon Stanley Ho. Macau will siphon off some Asian gamblers which will hurt certain properties in Las Vegas a bit but in the long run Las Vegas will do fine.