Thursday, June 29, 2006

Free Show: Fountains At Bellagio

A huge water show that is in front of the Bellagio. You may have seen fountain shows before but nothing on this scale. The thousand jets of water shoot up in to the air up to 245 feet dancing all to a musical score. One note huge crowds gather for this so get there early. The show runs every weekday from 3-7pm every thirty minutes and every fifthteen minutes from 7pm to midnight. On the weekends the shows start at noon. I had a friend visit and he lost his phone in the fountain so if you find it email me lol. The show changes fairly often but i still prefer the vegas entertainers music such as Elvis and i have included a clip from the Elvis version.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Saving Money On Buffets

Okay they days of the $2.99 all you can eat buffets in Las Vegas are for the most part gone, but you can still eat well without breaking the bank. Most of the big fancy hotels on the Strip like the Paris, Bellagio, MGM and the Mirage and the like have real fancy buffets with a huge selection of unusual items from around the world. These buffets are great and i would suggest you have one at least once during your trip. But most of the time you just want to eat and get back to gambling or shopping or whatever you plan to do. In general buffets in older, smaller or off strip properties are less expensive and may not have the selection but the food is usually pretty good. The prices in buffets get more expensive generally as the day goes on so breakfast is usually cheapest and then lunch is a little more with dinner being the most expensive. Because Las Vegas is a twenty four hour town if you are out at weird hours and eat then you can save money. Most buffets don't close between sittings so if you show up just before breakfast ends and they start switching over to the lunch items you can eat the lunch items for the breakfast price and the same often works between lunch and dinner. Most hotels offer Seafood or Steak nights or Champagne Brunch, during these times the price of the buffets can raise a lot so if you want to save money you may want to avoid these times. Discount coupons for buffets can oftend be found in the show guides in your room or hotel or in the Las Vegas Newspapers as well as in funbooks when you sign up for slot clubs. If you are playing a table game and betting for a while ask the pit boss for a comp for the buffet it doesn't hurt and quite often they will give you one or at least a discount to it.