Friday, October 14, 2005

Video Megabucks On Penny Machines

Something new at Coast Casinos such as Barbary Coast,Gold Coast,Orleans and also at Boyd properties such as California,Main Street Station,Fremont and Stardust is something called penny Video Megabucks. Okay if you are not familar with Video Megabucks its a group of machines all over the state that are linked together with a progressive jackpot. The jackpot keeps building until someone hits it at which time it can be millions of dollars to the person hitting the jackpot. They have had in for years on quarter and dollars machines but now its being introduced on penny machines. On these machines they have 5 video reels and if you have the max bet in the machine before the spin which is 300 pennys and then hit the progressive you would win at least $10 million dollars which is payable in annual installments. You don't need to feed 300 pennys in to the machine you slide your bills in for credits to be used to spin. One note on progressive machines is they usually pay out less in smaller jackpots you are hoping you will hit the big jackpot. I always put a little money in them its always worth a shot.


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