Friday, September 30, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: Happy Hour At The Hard Rock

The Pink Taco Happy Hour at the Hard Rock is from 4pm to 7pm and includes 2 for 1 margaritas and & appitizers.

Deals always subject to change but this is one thats been going on for a while.

Free Attraction: Crazy Girls Statue at Riviera

This bronze statue was unveiled in 1997 and is of bronze backsides. The backsides belong to members of the long running topless revue at the Riviera which is Crazy Girls. The statue may be tacky but its very Las Vegas. Its located on the strip outside the Riviera and there is always people having their picture taken in front of it or rubbing the backsides for luck.

Cheap Skate Deal: Free Lemonade At LV Hilton

Around check in time at the Las Vegas Hilton they have a lady at booth by the check in area handing out free pink lemonade. This is a refreshing drink if you are checking in or are in the check in area so are presumed to be checking in if you get my drift.

Review:Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill At MGM Grand

If you love Wolgang Pucks food like me and want to save a little money the Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill at the MGM Grand is a good option. Wolfgang has at least four other restaurants in town but this one is more casual and less expensive than the others. This one serves american cuisine and as expected is very good. One note is this restaurant is located near the Cirque Du Soleil show KA so you might want to avoid it around showtimes.

Feedback Welcomed

If you want me to review something or maybe visit on my next trip and review or answer a question about Las Vegas email me and i will reply.

Review: Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery

The Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery is one of the two best brew pubs in town the other one is in the Main Street Station downtown. The Monte Carlo Pub & Brewery has beer tanks and cooper pipes behind the bar. The service and food is good and they have six beers that they brew in house. After 9pm every night a dj and dancing start and on thursdays to Sundays between 10pm and 2am live bands play. The bands are actually usually pretty good and there is no cover. After 9pm you must be 21 to enter the brew pub.

Free Show: Bird Girls At Mandalay Bay

At the Tropicana they used to have exotic birds on display on the walkways over the pool. If you miss that, at the Mandalay Bay they have the Bird Girls. The Bird Girls walk around in the afternoon with cockatoo's,macaws and other large birds who entertain the crowds. They are often seen at the lobby during check in and walking around.

Attraction Review: Coca-Cola Store

The Coca Cola store is located at the Showcase Mall which is next to the MGM Grand and just north of it on the strip. It is right next door to the M&M store so it makes it easy to see both. Out front is a huge 130 feet tall green Coke bottle. Inside there is every imagineable Coke product for sale its a collectors paradise. Up on the second level is more Coke collectables as well as a couple of places selling Coke drinks. One is a counter at the top where they sell Coke's in glass bottles and an employee shows kids how to open them with a bottle opener; Most kids these days arn't used to Coke in glass bottles so they think its cool. Coke in a glass bottle tastes so much better to me. Another counter sells samples of Coke from around the world which is cool but way too much for me. The top floor used to be a World Of Coke museum but its been closed for at least a year. I asked and employee about it and he said that he hopes they reopen it and i agree it was a fun exhibit. If you are a Coke collector this is a must see stop but even if you are not this place is worth a visit. Open daily form 10am to 11pm at 3785 Las Vegas Blvd.

Las Vegas Trivia: Eiffel Tower At Paris

The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas is over 480 feet tall and is one half the height of the real one in Paris, France.

New Entertainment Area: 3rd Street Downtown

Most people when they go to downtown Las Vegas they pretty much stay to Fremont Street. In the past there was not much to do downtown outside of Fremont Street and the area around wasn't the most safe for tourists. That is starting to change and if you walk from Fremont Street along the pedestrian area on 3rd street to the Lady Luck to the left of the hotel you will see some new businesses. The area is called 3rd Street Downtown and it includes Hogs & Heifers the famous New York bar as well as Triple George Grill a nice dinner or cocktail place and also now open is Celebrity which is a cabaret dance show and dance club. When Celebrity opened the Mayor showed up and there was pictures in the newspaper of him in drag which was not pretty. More businesses are planned for this area including a bar/lounge and a live music venue i hope this is the start of many new things to happen in downtown Las Vegas.

Transportation: Buses

One way to get around town is by CAT which stands for Citizens Area Transit which is the local bus company in Las Vegas. I know some people would never travel around on a bus but it is inexpensive. The fare for most routes is $1.25 except the routes along the strip which are $2. Route #301 runs from the Downtown Transportation Center all the way down the strip past all the hotels and ends at the South Strip Transportation Center and then does the return trip; Route #302 is the strip express and does the same route at peak times with limited stops. First of all i should say the buses on the strip are real crowded they have the long buses and come pretty often but they are still very crowded most of the time. At most times especially peak times its standing room only and because of the terrible traffic on the strip and the bus stopping every block it can take a while. As you get on you put the money in the machine, which is exact fare only the driver cannot give change. Routes other than the strip are less crowded so if you are staying off strip it the bus may be a more comfortable option although buses will be less frequent. The bus stops have the bus schedule on them or for 25 cents you can pick up a bus schedule book at either bus station. Routr #109 does run to Mc Carran airport and then along Paradise to downtown. I have taken this bus when i was staying just overnight at the Las Vegas Hilton which it passes because i just had a small bag; I don't think taking the bus from the airport and lugging a suitcase on the bus is a good idea but i have seen it done. In conclusion the bus is not for everyone but it is an inexpensive way to get around town.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Attraction Review: Shark Reef At Mandalay Bay

The Shark Reef at the Mandalay Bay is a very well done exhibit. You get to learn about sharks and walk through as sharks swim overhead in glass tunnels. My only problem is like an aquarium with everything else taken out except the sharks in a small exhibit area. This would be cool except they charge $15 per adult and $10 per child to see it. If you have kids with you it would be fun and educational for them but i don't think you are getting the best bang for the buck here. The hours are 10am to 11pm daily.

Gambling Tip: Roulette

Roulette is one game that doesn't have good odds for the player but its fun and easy to play. I do play roulette sometimes and let me give you a few tips to help your experiance. One place thats good to play roulette is the Monte Carlo because they have european style roulette wheels which only have a "0" instead of a "0" and "00". This increases your olds because it means there is only 37 instead of 38 numbers on the wheel; Another tip is to place outside bets because even though the payoff isn't as large as inside bets the odds of hitting them are better.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Cheap Skate Deal: 5 Cent Coffee

In the Nickel Nicks snack bar at the Westwood Ho you can get a cup of coffee for 5 cents and a donut for 25 cents and an all american breakfast for 99 cents. This blast from the past will vanish soon when the Westwood Ho closes on November 17th.

Las Vegas Trivia: Luxor Beam Of Light

The beam on top of the Luxor pyramid is the world's brightest beam of light.

Mc Carren Airport On Track For Record

In the month of August a record number of passengers flew through Mc Carren Airport for the month. The airport for the month had nearly 3.9 million passengers which is up 6.7 percent from August 2004. One of those passengers was me and with the temperature around 104 degrees it was still crowded. At the present pace Mc Carren is heading for a new record of 44.5 million passengers and no sign of slowing down even with rising fuel prices.

Attraction Review: Le Boulevard At Paris

Le Boulevard is the shopping area at the Paris. I must say i do like this shopping area its very well done and looks like a french village. It has the fake sky ceiling and cobblestone or brick walk ways. The food here as you might expect is one area they excell at especially some of the pastries. The have the human statues that come to life as people walk by as well as a unique mix of stores. A lot of the stores are unique to Le Boulevard instead of the generic Gap and other chain stores you see at other shopping areas in town. Also located in Le Boulevard is the Paris Buffet which is one of the best in town. The only drawbacks i can think of is on Saturdays it gets real busy and also the signage is a bit corny at times like one i saw to Le Car Rental but thats minor. I would suggest a visit and if you take the monorail to the Paris station it emptys in to the Le Boulevard so its a good place to get a bite to eat.

Transportation: Shuttle To LV Premium Outlets

If you want to visit the Las Vegas Premium Outlets you can get a shuttle from the downtown transportation center. If you are on the strip you can take CAT bus 301 downtown to the transportation center. Once at the transportation center look for the bay with the Shoppers Express bus and for a $3 charge it will take you there.

Atraction Review: Carnaval Court

Carnaval Court is located right out front of Harrah's. In fact if you are walking along the strip the sidewalk takes a turn through here and you have no choice but to walk through. On one side is some shops and in the center is a stage where they have free live music mainly in the evening hours. The bar in the centers bartenders entertain by singing,dancing,juggleing and even spiting fire. The area is cool and a nice place to stop for a drink if you are walking along the strip. One thing that can save you money is there is usually an employee from Harrahs giving out discount coupons to Harrahs shows or Harrahs buffet. The court is open from noon to 1am and worth a stop on your walk down the strip.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Review: Bay City Diner At Golden Gate

The Bay City Diner is located inside the Golden Gate which is on one end of The Fremont Street Experiance. As you walk in to the casino from Fremont Street the Bay City Diner is located to your right. This place is one of the best coffee shops in town its like an old diner but nothing fancy. What stands out here is the large portions of good food at a reasonable price. I love to go to this place for a good breakfast especially if i get up a little later and the buffets are crowded. An old fashioned good diner breakfast and plenty of hot coffee is a good way to start the day. Worth a stop for food if you are downtown its a good choice.

Las Vegas Trivia: Part Of Desert Inn Left

When Steve Wynn took over the Desert Inn and replaced it with Wynn Las Vegas he left one piece of the old casino. On the old Desert Inn golf course which he changed he left a small wooden bridge as a nod to the past.

Atraction Review: Tournament Of Kings

The Tournament Of Kings show at Excalibur is a show thats worth the price of admission. If you have ever been to a Medevial Times this show is very similar.You get served a dinner by serving wenches which you eat with your hands. Then in the arena in front of your seats knights joust and sword fight. There is a magican as well knights fighting dragons. The food is good and eating it with your hands is fun like being a kid again. If you have kids and want to take them to a family friendly show this is a good choice. Right now they have two shows per night at 6pm and 8:30pm and is running $55 per person. That may sound expensive but you figure lots of show run closer to $100 right now and they don't include dinner. (702) 597-7600

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Why Is A Room $99 Night $249 The Next?

Okay room rates in Las Vegas can vary a lot depending on the day and time of the year. Generally speaking Friday and Saturday night stays are the most expensive with Sunday through Thursday being cheaper. The reason why Friday and Saturday are the most expensive is because a large amount of people fly or drive in to Las Vegas from Southern California on those days to spend a weekend in Las Vegas. When big conventions are in town the room rates go up especially at hotels catering to conventioners such as Las Vegas Hilton,The Venetian and even the Mandalay Bay. The Las Vegas Hilton for example is real expensive during conventions because it is located next to the convention center but other times it can be a real bargain. Time of year also can make a difference in the room rate the summer months especially August can be real cheap because temperatures can get over 100 degrees often. Some of the most expensive times of the year are Christmas to New Years, Superbowl Weekend, Thanksgiving and 4th of July. A cheap time of the year can be after Thanksgiving to before Christmas and also January.

Cheap Skate Deals: 16oz Prime Rib

The California in downtown Las Vegas has been running this special for a long time its a 16oz prime rib and is available daily from 4pm to 11pm in the coffee shop. The prime rib comes with the all you can eat salad bar,vegetable,rolls and a great cherries jubilee for desert. This is a ongoing good deal and i have had it several times and room your eat it is very nice.

Transportation: Free Airport/Hotel Shuttles

A few hotels offer their own free shuttle to the airport and back; This changes often so check with your hotel first.

Days Inn/Town Hall Casino
Hard Rock Hotel
Holiday Inn Crowne Plaza
Lady Luck
Westward Ho (closing Nov 17th 2005)

Las Vegas Trivia: First Hotel On Strip

The first hotel built on the strip wasn't Bugsy Siegel's Flamingo it was the El Rancho Vegas which opened on April 3rd 1941 with 63 rooms.

Transportation: Shopping Mall Shuttles

Boulder Station to Fashion Show Mall
Palace Station to Fashion Show Mall
Tropicana to Fashion Show Mall
Hard Rock to The Forum Shops

Fashion Outlet Mall:
This outlet Mall is in Primm Nevada on the border with California. Three trips a day leave from MGM Grand and New-York New-York; This shuttle isn't free and last time i checked was $12.99 for a round trip.

These are just some of the shuttles to the malls available and hours change so check with the hotel.

Moneysaver: Saving Money On A Room

Okay before i visit Las Vegas the first place i check is airlines websites to see what package deals they have. This can often be the cheapest way if you are flying in to Las Vegas. Next i check the websites of the hotels i may want to stay at, often they have web rates or specials not found anywhere else. Next i look at package deals on the hotel website that include a room and show tickets; If you want to see a perticular show this can be a real bargain. Next i look at the travel sites usually Travelocity first and then Expedia and then others. One thing about the travel sites is one may have a realtionship with perticular properties and have lower rates so it doesn't hurt checking several. Another thing with travel sites is lots of them will ad a surcharge for booking through them so add that on to your room rate when comparing. The next place i check is on the hotel reservation line and if you are a slot club or AAA member mention that. Signing up for a slot card is a good deal because they will offer you discounted rates and if you gamble or travel to Las Vegas a lot even comped rooms.

Attraction Review: M&M World

M&M World is located on the strip near the MGM Grand. If you love chocolate this is a chocolate lovers dream. This store sells everything you can think of and then more with the M&M logo and characters on it. Its spread over many levels with things such as a wall of M&M's which has dispensers so you can get M&M's by the pound in loads of different colors. In one section you can get chocolate truffles which are amazing. Towards the top of the store they have and M&M Nascar inside the store. Also when visiting you get to see a short 3D animated movie starring two M&M characters called "I Lost My M In Vegas" which is fun and free so the price is right too. If you are in to M&M collectables bring your money because they have everything you can think of.

Las Vegas Trivia: Casino Movie

The Robert De Niro movie "Casino", interior shots for the fictional Tangiers Hotel And Casino were filmed at the Riviera.

Transportation: Free Hard Rock Shuttle

For many years i have seen the purple Hard Rock shuttles around town but even when i was at the Hard Rock i didn't see information on when they run or to where. Recently i was at the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace and i saw one stopped and got on. First of all they are real comfortable with leopard seat covers and rock music playing over speakers inside. They run on the top of every hour from the Hard Rock from 10am to 7pm with stops at Stardust,Polo Towers and the Forum Shops at Ceasars Palace. If you see them around town the driver told me that they will pick you up if you hail them and they are able to stop.

Transportation: Airport Shuttles

One way to get from Mc Carren Airport to your hotel and back is via airport shuttle. As you leave the terminal you will see several booths of the shuttle companies where you prepay and tell them where you are going and then they tell you where to wait for a shuttle. The shuttles have advantages and disavantages over other transportation. The main advantage is cost they are much less expensive than either taxis of limos. The cost to strip hotels one way is usually about $5 and downtown is about $7 and if you buy a return ticket its $8 for strip or $10 for downtown. The shuttles usually come by every ten minutes or so but the big disavantage of these is the time it takes to get you to your hotel if you are in a rush. They will wait and try to get a full load before leaving and also they have to drive all over the place to drop everyone off. My suggestion is if you are staying at a hotel on the south end of the strip you may want to take a taxi because you are close to the airport. If i stay downtown i usually take the shuttle because the shuttles are usually less full so there are less stops: Also because of the distance its much cheaper than a taxi and because all the hotels downtown are close together even if they have to drop off others there it doesn't take long.

Review: Slots A Fun

This is a small casino in front of Circus Circus on the north end of the strip. This is basically an overflow joint of Circus Circus. The casino is usually very busy but its dirty and has the charm of a bus station. Cheap hot dogs and snack food can be had in the snack bar. They have some tables in the middle and usually have low limits. Several times a day they bring free stuff around for the gamblers coffee and donuts in the morning and then maybe finger sandwiches or hot towels at other times.

Free Show: Airplay At The Tropicana

At the south end of the strip at the Tropicana they have a free show over the casino. The show which consists of acrobats,singers and aerialists is entertaining and thankfully has no clowns like the Circus Circus show does. The shows take place below the Tropicana's famous Tiffany ceiling and run daily every two hours from 11am to 9pm.

Transportation: Free Monorail On South Strip

On the south end of the strip there is a free monorail that links the Excalibur, Luxor and Mandalay Bay. One note on this is that if you travel from Excalibur on the monorail south it does not stop at the Luxor it continues directly to the Mandalay Bay; and only stops at the Luxor on the return trip or northbound trip. My suggestion is if you are going from the Excalibur to Luxor walk through the connecting mall instead.

Moneysaver: Buffets

Most people staying in Las Vegas will eat at buffets at some point. Most hotel buffets don't close down between breakfast and lunch and lunch and dinner; so if you arrive just before the end of one sitting they will switch the food over. As usually breakfast is the cheapest and lunch is next cheapest and dinner is the most expensive you can pay for one and eat food off the next meal. Also by doing this you are eating off peak so the lines are usually smaller. Another tip is to check the free show magazines for buffet coupons, usually the cheaper buffets have coupons for a dollar off per person which can add up for a group. Also when checking in at your hotel ask if they have a fun book which usually will give you discounts of 2 for 1 buffet coupons.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Karaoke Club At Imperial Palace

Imperial Palace has opened a Karaoke Club in the property. Its not really my thing but if love people singing "Strangers in the Night" really badly this might be your place.

New Frontier To Be Replaced

Another older property on the north end of the strip the New Frontier is going to be knocked down and replaced. Owner Phil Ruffin has said he will build a 3,000 room resort casino on the site of the existing hotel and casino. Behind the existing building him and Donald Trump are building two high rise condo's sixty four stories high. The New Frontier is were Siegfried & Roy started. To be honest i haven't spent much time there recently and when i have stopped by it never seemed to busy. One thing out the New Frontier is it always seemed a very relaxing place to be and the staff were always friendly.

Las Vegas Trivia: Legends In Concert

Legends In Concert the impersonator show at the Imperial Palace began in 1983 and was scheduled to run for six weeks. Now over twenty years later its still going strong.

Westwood Ho Closing November 17th

The Westwood Ho Hotel and Casino has announced it will close on November 17th. It has been bought by a property developer so probally more high rise condos will be built. This was another older property where you could get bargain rooms on the strip.It is basically a slot casino with a large motel behind it. Its nothing fancy but its a place to eat,sleep and drink for cheap on the strip but nearby to other bigger casinos like the Stardust. It was easy to get comped there and domestic beers usually Budweiser and Coors by the bottle were $1. Its a shame to see it go especially so soon after Harrahs took over the Imperial Palace. The older places that have cheaper rooms are vanishing quickly from the strip.

Transportation: Taxis

Getting around Las Vegas by taxi is often the quickest way to get around if you don't have a car. It can get expensive if you do it a lot but its nice because you can go from the front entrance of one hotel or casino to the next. You cannot hail cabs on the street they won't stop but at most major hotels there are taxi racks. It there isn't a cab there the doorman will call one for you. The doorman will ask you were you are going and will tell the driver when the taxi arrives. You should tip the doorman before you leave. Taxis in Las Vegas are plentiful but at certain times like in the mornning or when there is a big conference in town i can be tough. For example i have stayed at the Las Vegas Hilton which is close to the convention center and had trouble getting a cab when a convention was on. One time i walked over to the Sahara and picked one up there because of the long lines at the Las Vegas Hilton. Prices for taxis may go up because of fuel increases but right now they are $3 per first mile and $1.80 per additional mile and an extra charge while waiting at red lights of 35 cents a minute. An extra charge of $1.20 from Mc Carren airport. One plus is there is no extra charge for more people in a taxis up to five so by spliting the fare between a group you can save money.

Average Fares:
Airport to Southern Strip $8-10
to Center Strip $10-12
to Stratosphere $13
to Downtown $15-17
These prices are just a guide and don't include tip.

Attraction To Skip

In the Excalibur on the floor below the casino apart from several booths where you try to win stuffed animals is a motion simulator ride. The ride is called the Magic Motion Film Ride and its not worth the money. It used to be $10-12 a ride for a long time and probally was good for the time but now it looks very dated. A few weeks ago when i was there it was down to $2 per ride with coupon.

Transportation: Strip Trolley

One way to travel the strip is via the Las Vegas Strip Trolley. First of all it isn't a real trolley they are buses made to look like trolley cars. The trolley stops at most of the strip hotels and is $1.75 each way exact fare only. It runs from Mandalay Bay at the south end of the strip to the Stratosphere on the north end of the strip. I have taken it a few times and it never seems too busy. One reason why i don't take it more is because most of the stops for it are at the back or parking area of the hotels which means you have to walk to the front door or casino; Also because the trolley stops at every casino mostly around the back its not a speedy way to get around. The hours it runs are usually 9:30am to 1:30am and last time i rode it you could get a unlimited day pass for $5.

High Rise Condo Mania

A few years ago a high rise condo with four towers was built called Turnberry Place. More recently luxury high condos are being built all along the strip with many more planned even downtown. These gated luxury condo's often have pools, private clubs and gyms inside the complexes. All of these high rises are changing the skyline of Las Vegas and are sure to add the traffic. Donald Trump is building one and his former wife Ivana has one planned next to the Saraha as well as many others people have planned or are under construction. Maybe one plus for visitors to Las Vegas is it will bring service businesses to the strip such as supermarkets and stores.

Transportation: Las Vegas Monorail

Traffic on the strip is bad and at peak times can be a parking lot, one alternative is the Las Vegas Monorail. Soon after it openned it was closed for many months but is now reopened. The route of the monorail is on the back side of many of the large hotels on one side of the strip. It runs from the MGM Grand to the Saraha with stops also at Paris/Ballys,Flamingo,Harrahs/Imperial Palace,Convention Center and the Las Vegas Hilton. Because its behind most of the properties the stations for most are at the back of the hotels. The fare is $3 for one way or $10 for a day pass or $20 for ten rides or $25 for a three day pass.You buy the tickets at machines on the station platforms or in some casinos it runs daily from 7am to 2am. Trains arrive and depart every few minutes with more at peak times. I use it often because it is air conditioned fairly quick and cheaper than taking taxis. It was privately funded and they originally talked about extending it to downtown as well as to Mc Carren Airport but either is probally years off. I like staying at the Las Vegas Hilton which is off the strip by the convention center which was a drawback because you would have to take a taxi to the strip but now with the monorail it makes it a lot more conveniant.

San Remo To Become Hooters

Several of my friends stayed at the San Remo recently and said it was a little run down. It is going to be remodelled and reopened in Feb 06 as The Hooters Hotel & Casino. The fact the hotel is being remodelled is good but my question is about the new theme. Its named after the restaurant chain that has "Hooters Girls" who serve the food and drinks in uniforms of tight orange shorts and tight white t shirts. Myself being a single guy it sounds good to me but with all the options to stay or gamble in Las Vegas are women going to want to go to a Hooters hotel or casino. The restaurant chain does good so maybe there is a big enough market to support it i guess we will have to wait and see.

Hotel Review: Binions Formally The Horseshoe

Binions is a downtown property that for years was known as Binions Horseshoe. Binions Horseshoe got in financial trouble and was closed for many months in 2004. Harrahs bought the property and reopened it bringing a historical Las Vegas casino back to life. One of the things Binions Horseshoe was famous for was The World Series of Poker which always drew good crowds. Harrahs moved the tournament to a off strip property it owns The Rio and this year only the last two rounds were played downtown and this was only because the mayor asked them because this is Las Vegas 100th Birthday Year. Next year all of the tournament will be played at The Rio . Harrahs sold the Horseshoe and took the name with them and now its just called Binions. When i was there a few weeks ago there was big blank spots on both ends of Binions where Harrahs had taken the huge neon Horseshoes signs off the building. It was kind of sad and there is talk that Harrahs is going to rebrand Ballys on the strip as the Horseshoe, we will see what happens. When i first started going to Las Vegas half of what is now Binions was The Mint. When Binions took over The Mint they knocked holes through the wall to combine the two casinos. So now you have the former Mint side which has higher ceilings then you have the Binions side which has lower ceilings and has lots of wood panelling and looks kind of like a saloon in the old west. At the back you used to be able to get your picture taken for free in front of a million dollars but they have stopped that, maybe they needed the money. The coffee shop here is in the basement at the back of the casino and its panelled in wood and is a pleasant place to eat. The Ranch Steak House is twenty stories above the casino and offers great views and decent food. The pool is small and nothing like the huge landscaped pools on the hotels on the strip but is okay and as most properties downtown don't have pools this is a plus if you are staying there. The hotel usually has good food specials at odd hours so if you want to have steak in the middle of the night for example this is a good bet. The rooms are nothing special but better than i expected. This is a property with a lot of history and i hope the new owners can spend some money to upgrade this property without loseing the charm or history of this property. If you plan to stay downtown this wouldn't be a bad choice.

Imperial Palace bought by Harrahs

The Engelstad family recently sold the Imperial Palace on the strip to Harrahs for $360 million. Harrahs hasn't decided what they are going yet with the hotel; Most likely they will knock it down and expand the two properties on each side. The Imperial Palace is an older property and the rooms were okay but the big advantage for visitors was the fact you could get a room for a decent price in a high room rate section of the strip. With Harrahs taking over i can see these discount rooms not being available anymore. I enjoy going to the Auto Collection which is a car museum in the Imperial Palace which the hotel doesn't own so i hope it finds a new home if Harrahs decides to demolish the Imperial Palace. One unique thing the Imperial Palace does is in the evenning hours they have celebrity impersonators as dealers on several of the tables. Its weird you can be playing blackjack and have a Madonna or Micheal Jackson impersonator as a dealer which is weird but fun. The Micheal Jackson impersonator creeped me out a little but thats just me maybe. Either way it would be good to visit the Imperial Palace if you haven't been before while you still can.

My Preferences

I visit Las Vegas several times a year for business or pleasure. First of all i should tell you that i prefer to stay downtown or at the smaller properties. I'm not a big fan of the huge crowds at some of the strip hotels. I also don't like long check lines or taking half an hour to get to your room from the strip. I mainly play blackjack and a little slots and other table games.