Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The Deuce Double Deckers Down The Strip

The double decker buses running up and down the Strip are called The Deuce and they run about every 7 to 15 minutes each direction 24 hours a day. The buses start at either the Downtown Transportation Center or from the South Strip Transfer Terminal and then travel the length of the Strip before going back. The gold color new buses are easy to spot and there is bus stops every block and close to most major properties. The fare is $2 one way or $5 for a 24 hour pass which is a good bargain and also is valid on all other bus routes. You pay the fare in a box on the bus or at ticket machines at some stops. If you are staying at a major hotel on the Strip or even Downtown this is a good inexpensive option to get around as long as you don't mind public transportation. With the Monorail raising its prices this is a good less expensive option although at peak times the buses can be standing room only.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

"The Drive" From GM At The Sahara

"The Drive" is kind of a unique experience from General Motors that is located behind the Sahara. GM has set up two test tracks and for $10 you get to test drive some of the latest GM products. One track is a half mile oval and the other track is an off road course. On the oval you get to drive products such as Corvettes, Cadillacs and GTO's and on the nearby off road track you get to drive a Hummer. Its a fun inexpensive experience and worth a visit, its cool to get to drive cars that you may never get a chance to outside of here. To drive you have to have a valid license and be at least 18 and must take a breathalyzer test so no cocktails before you go.
Hours: 10am to 6pm (Daily)
475 E Sahara Ave (866) 244-0095
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