Saturday, May 05, 2007

Pamela Anderson In Magic Show

Pamela Anderson is to be the assistant for magician Hans Klok in the new show "The Beauty Of Magic" at the new Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino on the strip. The 39 year old ex Baywatch beauty replaces Carmen Electra who recently dropped out of the show before it opened. Because Pamela Anderson needs to get ready for the show the grand opening is being pushed back to June 2nd.

MTV's "Video Music Awards" Coming To LV

MTV's flagship "Video Music Awards" is coming to Las Vegas for the first time September 9th. The 24th annual ceremony will take place at the Palms Casino Resort just off the strip with guests and host to be named later.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Moneysaver: Staying At Off Strip Properties

One way to save money on hotel rooms is to stay at a hotel property off the strip. If you are driving in to Las Vegas and want to save money this is a good option as the prices are lower than the strip properties. By staying at these smaller properties off strip you also have the advantages of getting to your room quicker and not having to deal with the traffic problems with some strip properties. If you are not driving in to Las Vegas its still possible to stay at some of these properties to save money but be careful with your choice. Taxi rides back and forth from the strip can add up and also even though a property only looks a block from the strip that block can be a long walk. Hotels such as the Rio and Gold Coast are a block from the strip but in between is a real busy on ramp and off ramp from the interstate which is dangerous to cross. If you want to stay at one of off strip properties without a car look for one that operates a free shuttle service to the strip; Some of these properties also offer shuttle services to the airport, but routes and times are always subject to change. Some of these shuttles that have been running for years include properties such as The Hard Rock, Rio, Gold Coast, Orleans and Showboat. The shuttle for the Showboat stops at several properties on the strip as well as downtown but one note about this shuttle is they sometimes ask for a Las Vegas hotel key or your check in confirmation at the Showboat. I guess this is to stop locals from using this extensive shuttle as free transportation around town.

Las Vegas Podcasts Now Added

I had some requests for Las Vegas themed podcasts so I have added some links to them. If you follow any of the podcast links they will take you to their websites where you can download the podcast. After you have downloaded the show you can listen to them on your computer or Ipod or other portable music player. These Las Vegas shows are entertaining and informative and I will include reviews of some soon.

Las Vegas In 1985

This is a picture i took in downtown Las Vegas in 1985 in front of Fitzgerald's Hotel and Casino. This was back when you could drive down Fremont Street as you can see by the taxi stand. The front of this hotel now is a lot sleeker than it was then and the luck of the Irish theme has been toned down; Also notice the picketers out front which happened a lot in the 80's.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Macau Revenues Now Higher Than Las Vegas

The former Portuguese colony of Macau which was returned to the Chinese is a gambling hotbed. The revenues of the casinos in Macau totaled $6.95 billion for 2006 which beat the Strips predicted revenue of $6.5 billion for 2006. Las Vegas legends Steve Wynn and Sheldon Adelson both have large properties in Macau competing with Chinese tycoon Stanley Ho. Macau will siphon off some Asian gamblers which will hurt certain properties in Las Vegas a bit but in the long run Las Vegas will do fine.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Years Eve On Fremont Street

This New Years Eve the entire four blocks of the Fremont Street Experience will be blocked off for a ticket only event. The event will be broadcast live on Direct TV as part of its music performance show CD USA. The tickets cost $80 per person and includes a line up of music by bands including Rockstar SuperNova, Smash Mouth, All American Rejects and Chicago. Stages will be located at both ends of the Fremont Street Experience and outdoor bars as well as other vendors which will be there as well.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Christmas Week Ideal Time For Cheap Rooms

One of the cheapest times of the year to visit Las Vegas is the week between Christmas and New Years. Especially right after Christmas, Las Vegas is really quiet and thats the best time to get cheap rooms. Often I have stayed downtown or off strip for really cheap at this time and received flyer's under my door from the property offering additional nights stay for $19 or even $10 per night. Just make sure you are gone by New Years Eve because the rates go through the roof for the same room as the New Years party crowd arrives.

Christmas Tree Lighting on December 5th

Las Vegas Mayor Oscar Goodman kicks off the annual "Holiday Festival" tomorrow night with the lighting of the 50' Christmas tree on Fremont Street. Las Vegas at Christmas is a little strange but if you are in the downtown area its worth checking out.

Las Vegas Monorail Ambassadors

The Las Vegas Monorail which I have reviewed on this site before is still struggling to get passengers and has about 19,000 daily which is about half the number it needs to break even. If you are on the side of the strip from MGM to the Sahara I still recommend using the monorail although the resent raise in fares from $3 to $5 per trip makes it less desirable. To improve the sagging ridership the monorail has hired 20 very attractive women in old style flight attendant outfits to hand out monorail guides. The outfits are kind of like the ones you see in the Britney Spears video "Toxic." The girls are there to remind people that the monorail exists although I cannot see it is going to boost ridership. The monorail is only useful for one side of the Strip and the there are many options to travel down the Strip and the monorail is also getting expensive.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Year End Great Time To Get Good Room Rates

The end of the year is one of the best times to get great deals on rooms in Las Vegas. Apart from the peak times of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years the rest of November and December are slow so its a great time to save money on your trip. Most of the hotels have packages where they throw in things like free buffets, drinks or show tickets to make you visit. Las Vegas at the end of the year can get chilly especially at night and not all the pools are open but its still warmer than most of the country. Check out the hotel websites for deals and packages and you can save even more if you can be flexible with your days.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Free Show: Sirens Of TI

The Sirens Of TI is a show on the strip in front of TI. TI is the new name of Treasure Island which used to have a pirate theme which is pretty much gone now. Las Vegas tried to be a family resort before it switched to the current theme of "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" and because of the more adult theme they replaced the pirate battle with the Sirens Of Ti. The former show was lots of fun as the pirates fought and sunk the Royal Navy each several times each night. The current show has women trying to seduce the pirates in to crashing on the rocks. The show is sappy and even though im not opposed to scantily clad women the show is only okay.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Nevada Votes To Restrict Smoking

Is Nevada, the Wild West of vice, becoming a bunch of certified goody-goodies? Nevada voters last week approved a ballot measure banning smoking at bars that serve food, and around the slot machines at supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores.
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Sunday, November 12, 2006

Quick Tip: Visitor Information Center

The Visitor Information Center is a good place to get information on Las Vegas and the surrounding area including things to do other than gambling. It is located at Convention Center Drive and Paradise Road across from the Convention Center. The monorail station is across the street at the convention center if you want to take that to get there. Click on the story title for map of location.

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Watch Ice Hockey In The Desert

Okay when you think of Las Vegas probably ice hockey isn't the first think that comes to mind but Las Vegas does have a hockey team. The team is called "The Las Vegas Wranglers" and plays its home games at the Orleans Arena which is located at the Orleans which is a hotel and casino just off the strip. The team is an affiliate of the NHL's Calgary Flames and plays in the Pacific Division of the ECHL. If you want a break from gambling and shopping this is an interesting alternative. Click on the title of this story for more information and tickets.