Sunday, September 25, 2005

Moneysaver: Saving Money On A Room

Okay before i visit Las Vegas the first place i check is airlines websites to see what package deals they have. This can often be the cheapest way if you are flying in to Las Vegas. Next i check the websites of the hotels i may want to stay at, often they have web rates or specials not found anywhere else. Next i look at package deals on the hotel website that include a room and show tickets; If you want to see a perticular show this can be a real bargain. Next i look at the travel sites usually Travelocity first and then Expedia and then others. One thing about the travel sites is one may have a realtionship with perticular properties and have lower rates so it doesn't hurt checking several. Another thing with travel sites is lots of them will ad a surcharge for booking through them so add that on to your room rate when comparing. The next place i check is on the hotel reservation line and if you are a slot club or AAA member mention that. Signing up for a slot card is a good deal because they will offer you discounted rates and if you gamble or travel to Las Vegas a lot even comped rooms.


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